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Simple Coworking Booking Platform

Allow members and guests to book, pay, and manage their room and desk reservations in a seamless coworking booking platform.

Effortless Booking for Members and Operators

Allow your members to find and book the ideal room or desk based on location, amenities, size, and more. Deploy branded coworking booking software on web and mobile (iOS and Android).

  • Deliver self-service booking calendars for members and guests
  • Enable visual floorplan booking for members
  • Scale resources across locations with multi-location support
  • Deploy branded booking apps with OfficeRnD Members
  • Display meeting room availability with OfficeRnD Rooms
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Boost Meeting Room Usage with Coworking Booking Software

Expose your meeting rooms live availability to the public and allow non-members to book a room. Bundle free meeting room credits with membership plans to improve meeting room utilization.

  • Sell rooms online through a public booking calendar
  • Bundle booking credits with coworking plans
  • Build custom purchase and booking approval flows
  • Create booking rate discounts for active members 
  • Implement Discount Codes for public bookings
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Set Rules for Meeting Room Bookings and Cancellations

Set permissions for how, when, and by whom a meeting room can be booked and define your cancelation policies. Set custom rules for every space, resource, or location.

  • Set Minimum and Maximum booking durations
  • Allow Back-to-back and recurring bookings
  • Create Booking cancellation policies 
  • Build child / parent policies for divisible rooms
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View Meeting Room Schedules at the Door

A white-label app that enables your customers to quickly see resource schedules.

  • Highlight meeting space availability with visible room status
  • Confirm that each meeting took place with check-ins
  • Set smart work hours: Display screens dim during hours no one is around
  • Keep the app on screen and prevent unintended use
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Detailed Usage Analytics for Every Meeting Room

Our coworking booking platform gives you real-time data on key KPIs that will help you uncover meeting room usage. So you can spend more time with your members and less time building reports.

  • Track resource utilization and total booking hours
  • Understand average resource booking durations across spaces
  • View the most popular booked meeting rooms 
  • Track the busiest days of the week
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coworking software testimonials
David Adato

COO/CTO | Downtown Works

OfficeRnD is the 3rd coworking based software we have used in our space since opening. It has automated some tasks that we were never able to do before as the other systems we had were so limited on what they could do. I can say without a doubt that OfficeRnD has changed our operations tenfold.
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  • What is a coworking booking platform?
    A coworking booking platform is a software tool that allows coworking spaces to manage and schedule bookings for their available workspaces - mostly conference rooms, and desks. This includes the ability to view availability, make reservations, and process payments.
  • How does OfficeRnD’s coworking booking software work?
    OfficeRnD’s coworking booking software allows you to create a customizable booking calendar for your coworking space. Members and operators can view available resources, such as desks, private offices, and conference rooms on a visual floorplan and reserve them in advance, based on type, location, size, and more. The platform also allows you to set up different pricing and membership plans, and process payments directly through the platform.
  • Can I set different prices for different resources?
    Yes, OfficeRnD Flex allows you to set different prices for different resources. This can include different pricing for desks and conference rooms.
  • Does OfficeRnD Flex integrate with other tools?
    Yes, OfficeRnD Flex’s built-in coworking space booking system integrates with various tools, such as payment gateways, calendar apps, and CRM software, to provide a seamless experience for you and your members. You can learn more about the various integrations here.
  • Can I set up recurring bookings?
    Yes, OfficeRnD Flex allows you to set up recurring bookings. You can set up recurring bookings for members on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as customize booking rules, such as frequency, duration, and time slots.
  • Can I see who has booked a resource?
    Yes, OfficeRnD Flex’s coworking booking software allows you to view all bookings made by members. You can see who has made a booking, the resource they have booked, and the date and time of the booking. The powerful analytics feature provides insights into important KPIs. You can track resource usage, total booking hours, see what's the most booked meeting rooms, and much more.
  • Can I limit the number of bookings a member can make?
    Yes, you can set limits on the number of bookings a member can make. This can include limits on the number of bookings per day, per week, or per month, and can be set differently for different membership plans.

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