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Eliminate booking confusion for good with the OfficeRnD tablet app. It's simple and works great with iPad and Android.

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Our meeting room schedule displays are used by some of the most dynamic organizations in the world
Meeting Room Display

Put an end to conference room scheduling issues

Imagine that there’s a way to completely eliminate complaints about meeting rooms not being available when they’re needed?

OfficeRnD meeting room schedule displays can help you put an end to booking headaches and keep meetings on track!

Increase visibility

All bookings are synced nicely in real-time so all displays are always up to date.

Fight ghost meetings

If nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself.

Integrate with Outlook and Google

Sync your meeting room schedules with Outlook or Google Calendar.

Meeting Room Display

Customize the look and feel of each display.

Create unique branded styles for each room based on your company’s preferences. Use your imagination!

Set smart work hours

Display screens dim during hours no one is around.

Lock down the display

Keep the app on screen and prevent unintended use.

White-label the display

Bring your own colors, logs and your culture to it.

workplace analytics

Analyze meeting room utilization with ease

OfficeRnD Analytics allows you to uncover trends in meeting room usage. Analyzing utilization rates, average booking duration, and other metrics allows you to improve the way your team uses your conference rooms.

By implementing room scheduling software, you will be able to collect data, analyze it and gain insights to optimize your workplaces.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Build your own dashboards and monitor key data

Workplace Reports

Utilize pre-built workplace reports to track key performance indicators

Interactive Widgets

Adjust key parameters to dive into your workplace data

Supported by industry leading customer care

OfficeRnD is here to help you get the most out of your tools. We offer award-winning customer support and services teams, detailed help documentation, educational videos & training resources – so that you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Integrations for a Seamless Hybrid Work Experience

OfficeRnD Hybrid works great with your Microsoft or Google stack.

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