As you might know, coworking spaces have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. Independent workers and freelancers love using coworking spaces to collaborate and network away from home or a traditional office.

It might seem that the pandemic caused this surge in coworking spaces but that isn’t completely accurate. Even before COVID-19 hit the world, coworking spaces were the fastest-growing office space in the commercial sector.

Quick Summary: Here’s a list of the 12 coworking space event ideas later found in this article:

  1. Launch Parties for the Coworking Community
  2. Free Pass Days for Potential Members
  3. Go for Game Nights
  4. Try Panel Discussions
  5. Bring in an Investor for a Q&A
  6. Host a Weekly Happy Hour
  7. Introduce a Lunch & Learn for Independent Workers
  8. Try a Weekend Hackathon
  9. Implement a Book Club
  10. Try Mindfulness Breathing Classes
  11. Make Time for DIY Workshops
  12. Host a Cooking Workshop
  13. Organize a VR Exploration Night
  14. Create a Standout Art and Technology Exhibit 

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With the rise of individuals in the coworking community, the advent of coworking space events has also gained steam. You get a captive audience for launch parties, panel discussions, demo days, and more.

According to Clutch, 94% of these spaces have additional amenities like a gym, snacks, coffee, and networking events. In addition, 72% note that working remotely had a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

For anyone who owns a coworking space in the local community, having some coworking space event ideas can go a long way.

We’ll share several below that can get you started with imagining your next calendar of events. In addition, we will give you some pointers to get started with your upcoming events.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Organize Coworking Space Events?

Coworking events are an excellent way to add additional value to current members of the space. It’s now considered normal to have events at coworking spaces to build community.

coworking space

There are several benefits to holding an event for the coworking community. A few of them include:

  • Building community throughout the shared workspace
  • Acting as a marketing tool to bring in new members.
  • Allowing current members to gain professional skills.
  • Creating networking opportunities for remote workers.

Events are a big part of coworking hospitality, which, as shown in our latest webinar, “Essential Coworking and Flex Space Trends for 2024” is a big differentiator in 2024 and beyond.

Whether you hold weekly morning breakfasts or build community with leadership workshops, there are many benefits to enjoy. Undoubtedly, the best thing to have in place to make this a cinch is proper coworking management software.

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Tips to Make Any Coworking Space Event Successful

The most important thing to consider when building a coworking space event is to know your members’ interests. You need to know what paying members are into and what things would benefit them the most. That will help you generate more revenue.

coworking event success

A coworking survey is an excellent idea to gain information about workspace members. There are many questions you can ask, but a few sample options include:

  • What kind of networking experiences have you enjoyed the most in the past? Which would you least want to participate in again? (Such as corporate events, family events, or team-building events)
  • Are there specific events you’d like to see happen more?
  • Do you prefer to go to in-person or online events?
  • What sorts of things are you most interested in learning about? (Include a few sample options)
  • What kind of networking experiences do you enjoy the most? (Such as wine and cheese, speed networking, etc.)

Once you have this information from paying members, you can start to move forward. This gives you a lot of information that helps you decide which coworking event ideas are ideal to host moving forward.

According to Desk Mag, the limiting factor for 44% of coworking facilities is attracting new people. These events can help you expand your membership and success.

5 Ideas On Promoting Your Coworking Space Event

After you decide on what events to host in the coworking space, you also want to make sure everyone is aware of them. This can include non-members, existing members, and people in the community.

coworking space event promotion

It’s essential to have a great promotion strategy before moving forward. It is the best way to host events that people are interested in. This will ensure the event is successful and will allow you to accelerate your space sales pipeline.

The exact methods used to promote the event will vary based on how large it will be and whether the public is allowed to attend. However, a few good practices to promote your demo day or entrepreneur talks include:

  • Adding the event to your in-app events calendar or member community feed
  • Sending an email, push notification, or message to all members
  • Advertising on social media, whether paid or organic
  • Placing a sign in a local business as well as the coworking space itself
  • Using SEO to promote the event through organic posts.
  • Adding a banner to your website

The important thing is to invite members and make people aware that these events are available. As a related resource, you can check our article on the 5 lead-generation tools for coworking spaces.

We’ve found that the first few events may not bring in a ton of people. However, if you create an exciting and interesting event, word of mouth can help you move forward with additional attendees to future events.

The Top 14 Coworking Space Event Ideas

There are tons of events that can be used to engage existing members and interest prospective members who might enjoy spending the day in a coworking space.

Everything from leadership workshops to tech talks can be a part of the event calendar. Below, we’ll delve into some of our favorite coworking event ideas. Use these ideas to brainstorm your own.

#1. Launch Parties for the Coworking Community

A launch party is a great way to allow members starting new ventures to celebrate this exciting time.

It can be a great way to find out how many members are interested in a product or service. It also builds companionship. Going interactive is a must with this type of coworking event option. If you want to learn more about the hottest coworking trends, check out the “Essential Coworking and Flex Space Trends for 2024” on-demand webinar.

#2. Free Pass Days for Potential Members

As someone who owns a coworking space, free pass days are a convenient way to show what you have to offer for non-members. You can reflect on things members forget and bring emphasis to your amenities, whatever they might be. This is a casual option that won’t take a ton of time or effort to create.

Open houses or free day passes are excellent as a coworking event that brings in internal and external people.

Some benefits include:

  • Allowing both current and possible members to network.
  • Marketing the coworking space to the community.
  • Highlighting the many perks of becoming a member
  • Showing the culture of the space to people who may want to join

This is a great time to have old and new members invite friends and colleagues. Add a raffle or drinks and you’re sure to do well.

#3. Go for Game Nights

Some events are all about learning but others can be about having fun. Consider game nights every month or so to break up the focus on work. This is an excellent way to bring workers together for a happy hour-type experience. This can involve board games, video games, or a combination.

Watch the video below to learn what are the best board games of the century so far.

#4. Try Panel Discussions

When you host a panel discussion, guest speakers can come in and talk about subjects that are trending in the market. This might include everything from how to be productive in a coworking space to how to scale or how to get financing.

coworking space panel discussions

This type of event will bring members a chance to learn something new and cut away from the constant productivity that may be associated with a dull coworking space.

#5. Bring in an Investor for a Q&A

Lots of tech enthusiasts and other members will appreciate having the chance to speak with an investor. After all, most startups need to get financing to move forward.

If you have an investor within your network, talk to them about a Q&A as a short event. Make sure to be clear that the investor has no pressure and is there simply to answer questions.

#6. Host a Weekly Happy Hour

There are two options here and both of them are used to bring members in. The first is to have a happy hour every Friday (or another day). Just make sure your beer fridge is stocked.

happy hour

The other option is to have the event at a nearby bar or pub. Everyone can head there after a long week to socialize and network.

#7. Introduce a Lunch & Learn for Independent Workers

Throwing a Lunch and Learn can be fun and useful at the same time. This great idea involves having a 30 to 60-minute learning session with staff or members while enjoying lunch. Hire a food truck to sit outside to make it even more convenient.

Mornings tend to be productive while things ebb around lunch.

This is an excellent way to share ideas and keep people going as they move into the afternoon. A few benefits of this event include:

  • A great option for networking
  • Creates a space for sharing experiences and celebrating one another’s success
  • Members have the chance to learn new skills
  • Hosts can share their experiences and market their services.

A great way to start off the lunch & learn is with a quick icebreaker to get people engaged and communicating.

#8. Try a Weekend Hackathon

On the weekend, there may be fewer people in the space. One of the ways to create purposeful networking is through a hackathon or a design challenge. Teams can come together to solve a problem.

workers in discussion

After the weekend is over, a panel of judges will take a look at all the solutions.

This might require more intensive planning than some events, but it is sure to bring in people. Whether someone is already in software development or just looking to learn something new, it’s a great intro to your space.

Work with some of your existing members to support the event and consider giving them a discount on the next month’s invoice as a thank you.

Anyone looking to bring in people in tech, project management experts or freelance designers should make sure this event is on the calendar.

If you want something smaller but still related to tech, consider hosting programming language demo days.

#9. Implement a Book Club

We’ve noticed that many people enjoy reading, whether about a work topic or just for fun. Adding a book club lets people meet others who have the same passion for the written word.

All you need to do is make a group, choose a book for everyone to read, and then enjoy drinks and discussion once the month is over.

#10. Try Mindfulness Breathing Classes

Having a mindfulness group is a common practice for coworking spaces. When there is a scheduled time to get together to practice mindfulness, people are more likely to engage in the practice.

mindful breathing

Just because the coworking space is hosting this event, that doesn’t mean it needs to take place there. If there are nice outdoor areas nearby, try those. Implement a free platform helping members get into the flow while improving their health.

#11. Make Time for DIY Workshops

There’s nothing better than doing something with your own hands. It can be relaxing and a way to increase your skill set. Bring in a lead instructor but let people experiment and learn as they like.

This is a coworking event without pressure and only for fun. None of the typical socializing or networking has to play a part in this event.

#12. Host a Cooking Workshop

Everyone likes to eat so why not have monthly classes that result in a meal? Members will learn more about nutrients and how to craft a delicious meal.

cooking workshop

Not only will cooking lessons improve skills, but members can learn new concepts, eat great food, and have positive moments together.

#13 VR Exploration Night

Virtual Reality (VR) Exploration Night invites coworking space members to dive into various virtual worlds, offering a unique blend of entertainment, education, and networking.

vr night

This event can showcase VR technology’s potential by allowing attendees to travel to distant lands, play immersive games, or engage in creative and educational experiences.

Setting up VR stations with different themes can cater to diverse interests, encouraging participants to explore and share their experiences. This not only fosters community engagement but also introduces members to the possibilities of VR technology in professional and creative contexts.

Highlighting the latest in VR hardware and software can spark discussions on technological advancements and their applications in various industries.

#14 Art and Technology Fusion Exhibit

An Art and Technology Fusion Exhibit encourages members to explore the intersection of creativity and innovation. This event can feature interactive installations, digital art showcases, and tech-driven performances, inviting artists and tech enthusiasts to collaborate and display their work.

art exhibit

Workshops on digital art creation, 3D printing, and virtual reality art can engage participants in hands-on learning, fostering a community that appreciates both technological advancements and artistic expression. This unique blend of disciplines can inspire new projects and partnerships within your coworking space.

Maximizing Event Engagement with Technology

In the vibrant world of coworking spaces, events stand as pivotal moments that not only bring together diverse professionals but also foster a sense of community and collaboration. The integration of technology into these gatherings has revolutionized the way engagement is cultivated, making it more interactive, measurable, and, ultimately, more impactful.

This section aims to shed light on practical tips for leveraging digital tools to maximize event engagement.

Digital Tools for Event Management

There are quite a few dedicated event apps, which serve as a one-stop solution for RSVPs, scheduling, and introducing interactive elements that keep attendees informed and engaged.

mobile app

Equally important is the strategic use of social media platforms, not just as a promotional tool, but as a means to create a buzz before the event, provide live updates during, and continue the conversation afterwards, ensuring a lasting impact.

An event app can be utilized to create a personalized agenda for each attendee based on their interests and networking goals. For instance, the app can send push notifications reminding attendees of upcoming sessions they’ve shown interest in, and facilitate one-on-one meetings by suggesting potential contacts attending the same sessions.

This approach not only enhances the individual’s event experience but also encourages active participation and networking within the coworking community.

Here’s an extensive list of some of the most popular event apps.

Interactive Technology Use

Incorporating live polling and Q&A sessions through user-friendly apps allows for real-time audience participation, making workshops or talks more dynamic and inclusive.

Furthermore, the advent of VR and AR experiences adds a layer of immersion that transforms traditional events into unforgettable experiences, enriching the attendee’s journey.

Enhancing Networking Opportunities

Networking is a cornerstone of coworking space events. Digital business card exchange apps streamline the process of sharing contact information, while matchmaking technology leverages algorithms to connect attendees with similar interests, maximizing the potential for meaningful connections.


One example of a digital business card exchange app is “Haystack“. This app allows users to create, update, and share their digital business cards with others easily, facilitating networking without the need for physical cards. It’s designed for professionals looking to streamline their contact management and make connections in a modern, eco-friendly way.

Post-Event Engagement

The engagement journey doesn’t end when the event does. Implementing digital feedback tools such as “Survicate” enables organizers to gather immediate post-event evaluations, which are crucial for continuous improvement.

Additionally, content-sharing platforms offer a space where presentations, videos, and resources from the event can be accessed, extending the life of the content and the engagement it generates.

By integrating these digital tools and technologies, you can not only enhance the attendee experience but also build a stronger, more connected community within your coworking space.

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How can I make my coworking space better?

Having healthy snacks and coffee available is an easy way to improve a coworking space. A good layout and comfortable chairs and desks will also help. Create a method for networking and collaboration moving forward. Last but not least, learn how to create a master coworking rental contract. Also, you can plan to attend at least one coworking industry event per year to network and expand your knowledge.

What should a coworking space have?

Community, access to coffee, the ability to print documents, and a good location are all essential to coworking spaces. However, you can improve the space through security, privacy, and special amenities not found at other coworking spaces.

What are the benefits of organizing coworking space events?

The benefits of coworking space events are many. You let people build new connections with others, promote thinking outside of the box, encourage improving and learning skills, and boost the confidence of businesses and employees.

What are the challenges of organizing a coworking space event?

Having the data needed to ensure successful events can be challenging. Not having enough time or not having enough people show up can also be a challenge. An insufficient budget or a lack of registration can also lead to issues. Another major challenge is promoting the event so that more people show up.

How do you Attract Customers to a Coworking Space?

Attracting customers to a coworking space can be achieved by offering compelling amenities, such as high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and networking opportunities. Implementing a robust digital marketing strategy that highlights these features, along with hosting events and workshops to build a community, can effectively draw in potential members. Additionally, providing flexible membership plans can cater to diverse needs, enhancing appeal.

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