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Discover everything you need to know about successful coworking management. Get valuable advice from top industry experts. Here, you’ll learn how to take off much of the operational workload. Also, you’ll learn how to scale and improve your business.


  • Know About Flexible Workspace in 2021
    5 mins read
    All You Need To Know About Flexible Workspace in 2021
    Apr 8, 2021

    Learn what flexible workspace is, why it’s the future of office space, and how you can benefit from it in 2021 and beyond.

  • Lead Generation for Coworking Spaces
    4 mins read
    5 Tools for Lead Generation for Flex and Coworking Spaces
    Mar 19, 2021

    Lead generation for coworking spaces might be a tricky one. Although sales might be a bit slower now, there’s no doubt that flex is the future. And it’s always better to be prepared for an opportunity that’s rising on the horizon. Below, you will find 5 of the most effective lead generation tools. Combined with […]

  • Emery Sinclair - VP of Customer Success at OfficeRnD
    2 mins read
    New VP of Customer Success: It’s All About Building Partnerships
    Feb 23, 2021

    Here in OfficeRnD, we believe that your wins are our wins! That’s why we are continually investing in customer success. We have the biggest Customer Success team in the industry (20+ and growing!), we are committed to continuously improving our service and we hire the best people for the job. The latest addition to the […]

  • blank
    4 mins read
    OfficeRnD 2021 Roadmap: Efficiency and Flexibility for Flex Spaces
    Feb 11, 2021

    In 2020, we achieved huge progress by introducing hundreds of improvements, new features, and fixes, and growing as a team. And we’re absolutely determined to keep and even pick up the pace in 2021! COVID-19 has totally disrupted how and where we work and proved to companies and employees that flexibility is the future of […]

  • reopening tips coworking spaces
    7 mins read
    The Ultimate Tips for Flex & Coworking Spaces in 2021: Q&A With Experts
    Feb 9, 2021

    2021 looks challenging but also promising for flex spaces. Getting back to business after the pandemic provokes a huge dose of excitement. Bringing your team back, welcoming members back in, and getting back to business sound all great. But do you feel the anxiety kicking in as well? Things won’t be as they were. Masks […]

  • pauline and dimitar coworkies
    8 mins read
    The Success Stories of 250 Coworking Spaces Around the World
    Jan 21, 2021

    We strongly believe that the power of the global coworking community is key for creating more success stories of coworking spaces! And we’re always happy to put a spotlight on valuable and meaningful causes and projects. Recently, we had a chat with Coworkies Co-founders – Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev. They’ve just finished their book […]

  • Team Back to The Office
    4 mins read
    5 Tips to Bring Your Team Back to The Office
    Jan 12, 2021

    Getting your coworking space back to business includes many elements in the mix. In the first post of our Reopening Your Coworking Space series, we focused on safety and disinfection. In the current article, we’ll shift our focus to the human element of it all – your team. Bringing your team back to the office […]

  • coworking spaces success
    4 mins read
    How OfficeRnD Helps Coworking Spaces on Their Way to Success
    Dec 16, 2020

    For years we’ve been helping coworking spaces on their way to success and we’re absolutely proud of that. Check the post to find out how.

  • the future of office space
    5 mins read
    The Future of Office Space is Flexible, Hybrid and Decentralized
    Nov 9, 2020

    The future of office space is the ultimate hybrid combination of a centralized office, regional flexible workspaces, and a home office.

  • Benefits of Coworking Software For Your Workspace
    4 mins read
    5 Benefits of Coworking Software For Your Workspace
    Oct 20, 2020

    The key benefits of coworking software are (but not limited to) automated administrative tasks, improved operational efficiency, better member experience, fully integrated technology stack, and visibility on key business metrics. And as a rule of thumb, the more you’re scaling, the more you can observe the positive impact of technology on your business. Because the […]

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