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Transform the way you manage your campus with OfficeRnD Hybrid for academia. Optimize everything from traditional meeting rooms, labs, cubicles and more.

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Why OfficeRnD Hybrid

  • Seamless space management: Manage campus meeting rooms, labs, library spaces, cubicles and more, ensuring each is used effectively.
  • Intelligent space utilization: Track and measure space usage to make informed decisions about campus layouts, resource allocation and efficiency.
  • Excellent on-campus experience: Foster collaboration for students and staff with streamlined booking processes and well-managed facilities.
  • Customizable privacy options: Leverage privacy settings, providing secure and appropriate space access to different members.
  • Flexible workplace solutions: Cater to diverse needs with dedicated desks, study desks and collaborative spaces for both regular and drop-in users.

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Higher education institutions who are not OfficeRnD customers.

OfficeRnD Hybrid can be used in a variety of campus spaces including meeting rooms, classrooms, labs, libraries, cubicles, administrative offices and many more.

We guide you in setting up OfficeRnD Hybrid for your higher education organization. We can help you add locations, staff and roles, build and set up traditional meetings rooms as well as any non-traditional spaces like labs, library spaces, rehab rooms, interview rooms, discussion pods, hot desks, cubicles and more!

Yes, we can help with connecting and setting up your integrations, and transfer everything you might need over from your current space management solution. You can see our full list of integrations here.

We know that choosing the right space management tool for academia is not an easy task, so we’re here to help. Fill out the form and schedule a call with us. Let’s evaluate together your needs and find the best fit for your higher education organization.

No problem! We might not have all answers in the world, but we sure know a lot about space management and how to do it the right way, so let’s talk! Fill out the form and chat with our team members to discover how OfficeRnD can help your organization.

Claim the offer by Nov 1, 2024.