Unlock the Power of Search: Drive Traffic to Your Coworking Space

An expert-led video on SEO for coworking spaces

Learn how to attract more members and grow your community with proven SEO tips based on coworking industry data.
These are the exact tips you need to know to get the most out of your digital presence and optimize your coworking space for the best organic visibility.

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In as little as 20 mins, you will learn:

  • How to absolutely dominate the Google Local Pack by using categories and reviews (and why negative reviews are actually good)
  • What are Coworking Primary URLs and how to use them strategically to boost your coworking space’s organic visibility
  • The importance of page speed and Core Web Vitals and what score you should aim to achieve (to outrank your competitors)
  • What are backlinks and how many do you need to earn the love of Google
  • Is there a correlation between higher word count and better search engine rankings (backed up by real data)
  • Should you rank your home page or it’s better to rank sub pages for the most important coworking keywords

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