Member Apps

OfficeRnD Reception

Welcome visitors to your space with a beautiful reception app that makes sign-in simple.


Make a great first impression

Show visitors that you care about their experience from the moment that they step into the space. 

  • Deploy a white-label tablet app to welcome visitors to your space
  • Display your brand, colors, and logo at the front desk
  • Customize the welcome messaging and visitor experience
  • Allow Members to check into the space with their phone via QR code. 

Deploy a seamless check-in experience for members and visitors

Let member and visitors check in to your coworking space quickly. Send notifications to alert members of a guest’s arrival.

  • Streamline the coworking member check-in and visitor management process. 
  • Notify members when their guests arrive for a meeting via in-app notifications
  • Track space usage through member check-ins
  • Collect visitor information at the front desk

Automate deliveries and package management

Seamlessly accept deliveries and automate mail operations with OfficeRnD Reception. 

  • Track when packages arrive at the front desk
  • Assign packages and mail to members
  • Notify members when a package arrives for them with in-app notifications
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