OfficeRnD Flex Onboarding Services Terms of Service

1. Definitions

1.1. The following capitalized items shall have the following meaning for the purpose of Terms of Service:

  • “Business Days” shall mean official Bulgarian, Australian, or United States business days per regional representative.
  • “Business Hours” shall mean the working hours per day per regional representative, during business days.
  • “Contract Start Date” means the date on which the final contract has been signed by the client and marks the start of the OfficeRnD subscription.
  • “Onboarding Services” means the services outlined in this agreement and provided by OfficeRnD.
  • “Paid Onboarding Services” means the services included in the paid onboarding package.
  • “Project Managers” means the OfficeRnD onboarding specialist and client’s project manager or designated point of contact.
  • “Service End Date” means the designated date when services are set to expire: 90 days after the Service Start Date, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.
  • “Service Start Date” means the date on which an onboarding specialist was assigned to the project and introduced to the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

1.2. All capitalized items not expressly defined in this SLA shall have the meaning given to them pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

2. Availability of Services

The Onboarding Services begin within a week of the customer’s OfficeRnD Contract Start Date and will be provided for up to 90 days after assigning an onboarding specialist, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

OfficeRnD will work with the customer to perform the Onboarding Services on a mutually agreed upon schedule between the Project Managers. Implementation Services will be rendered via virtual meetings, Zoom, Google Meet, or an equivalent provider, as well as email communications and file exchanges.

The OfficeRnD Onboarding Services are provided during the standard business days and hours. OfficeRnD may use a variety of personnel in performing the services depending on the task that should be delivered (e.g. API questions are addressed by a specialist from the technical support team).

OfficeRnD will make a reasonable effort to complete the tasks included in the customer’s onboarding package in a mutually agreed-upon timeframe and is not obliged to meet any deadlines that were committed prior to coming into agreement with OfficeRnD, unless previously agreed to, and discussing those plans with the assigned implementation specialist.

The Onboarding Services provided by OfficeRnD are available in English only.

3. Limits on the Onboarding Services

3.1 OfficeRnD is not responsible for any of the processes below:

  • Configuration of any third-party systems (e.g. accounting, payment gateways, CRMs, etc.) even when those integrate with OfficeRnD;
  • Import of historical data like invoices and/or contracts with customers;
  • Configuration of any external websites the customer might use and would like to connect with OfficeRnD;
  • Any service outside the scope of the OfficeRnD terms and conditions in the original signed agreement and found on our website;
  • Unless stated otherwise in the contract, OfficeRnD is not responsible for developing functionalities that are not available at the time of the implementation in case any of the customer’s use cases are not (fully) supported by the software or the suggested workaround is not accepted by the customer.

4. Customer Responsibilities

To realize the full value of the Onboarding Service, participation and effort from the customer is needed. Resources that may be required from the customer include a project manager or a person who knows the customer’s business processes and needs and can involve the decision-makers if any changes are to be introduced.

Responsibilities that may be required include:

  • providing data required for the system implementation in the requested format (e.g. floor plans, customer data, business model, pricing, etc.) and within the agreed-upon time frame;
  • exchange of emails;
  • attending scheduled and/or regular progress review meetings;
  • acting as internal liaison between OfficeRnD and any third parties critical to the successful implementation (e.g. accountant, external partners like developers, etc.)

5. Services Expiration

The Paid Onboarding Services cannot be canceled once purchased.
If, for reasons which are not due to OfficeRnD, the customer does not use the services included in their onboarding package before the Service End Date, they shall expire automatically on the Service End Date, and the customer is not entitled to any conversion, extension or refund.