Miryana Stancheva


Miryana is the coworking scientist in the OfficeRnD team. With Ph.D. in organizational psychology, focusing on the coworking movement and years of coworking experience as a growth and community manager, she is now passionate about guiding other spaces in the process of digital transformation and automation.


  • coworking-specific kpis
    How to Set and Track Coworking-Specific KPIs
    Sep 3, 2020

    In this article, you will find examples of coworking-specific KPIs, how to set them, and how to measure KPIs within the OfficeRnD platform.

  • coworking evolution in times of crises
    The Coworking Evolution In Times of Crises
    May 29, 2020

    The coworking industry is facing two huge crises – the external COVID-19 and the internal identity crises. And both seem to be here to stay. But they also create opportunities for the flexible workspace industry to have an incredibly positive social and economic impact and define how the future of work will look like.