Here in OfficeRnD, we believe that your wins are our wins! That’s why we are continually investing in customer success.

We have the biggest Customer Success team in the industry (20+ and growing!), we are committed to continuously improving our service and we hire the best people for the job.

The latest addition to the team brings years of experience and leadership skills that will bring the services we offer you, our clients, to the next level.

Welcome, Emery Sinclair as VP of Customer Success!

We are excited to welcome Emery Sinclair as VP of Customer Success at OfficeRnD!

His rich international background and a strong belief in the relationship with the client make us feel absolutely thrilled about his work and impact on OfficeRnD.

So very warm welcome, Emery – we’re happy to have you on board!

We consider this new role a huge milestone for us as a company.

Emery, who’s based in Atlanta, will help us take our Customer Service to the next level and build even stronger partnerships with our clients worldwide.

I’m thrilled to welcome Emery on board and part of our leadership team! Emery’s experience will help us go above and beyond successful software implementation and venture into deeper partnerships with our customers. Together we can redefine the future of work and make flexible working the way of working!”, says CEO Miroslav Miroslavov.

A proven leader and professional

Emery has spent most of his career developing Professional Services and Customer Success teams at high-growth organizations in the software industry.

He’s been consulting and working with clients for the last 25 years. A proven professional who deeply understands the importance of a strong, customer-oriented relationship with the client.

Relationship with the client is the key component when it comes to customer success. It’s not about having the typical vendor-customer relationship where we only sell the software.

Instead, it’s about making sure that we’re constantly partnering with the client to support their business success.

Being close to our customers will enable us to understand their needs better. Ultimately, this will help us improve the OfficeRnD product and services.

Taking Customer Success to the next level

Emery plans to take the OfficeRnD Customer Success service to the next level by focusing on understanding the customer even better.

His ambition is to make sure that the OfficeRnD customers are supported at each and every stage of their development as a flex space business.

I want us to focus more on the customer journey and how we can add value at each touchpoint. We are not providing just a software but the software as a tool to help them achieve their business goals. For me, it’s about focusing on building the best partnership that we can. And by doing so we can add value along the way.”, says Emery.

Emery also shares that taking the role is a fantastic opportunity at the right time in a company that’s growing fast.

I can’t hope for anything more than being in an exciting environment. And OfficeRnD is an example of that. The industry is being defined right now and I believe that we can play a big role in this!


If you’re interested in learning more about our plans for the upcoming year, check out the OfficeRnD 2021 Roadmap.

Michaela Ivanova
Content Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD
Michaela got involved in the flexible workspace industry in 2015 when she joined a boutique coworking space as a Community & Marketing Manager. Later on, she moved to the technology industry but she continued working from shared spaces. Her passion for coworking and her experience in the technology sector eventually led her to join OfficeRnD, the world's leading coworking management software, where she's dedicated to creating content that empowers workspace operators to scale their business.