Microsoft Integrations


Tips and tricks on managing a hybrid work environment, fully integrated with the Microsoft platforms, such as Teams, Outlook, and Office365.


  • hybrid work schedules
    4 mins read
    The Hybrid Work App Dilemma – do you need another app?
    Mar 8, 2022

    By providing an immersive hybrid workplace experience, natively integrated with Office365, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, you can save a lot of time for your employees and increase their satisfaction

  • desk booking in Microsoft Teams
    2 mins read
    OfficeRnD Hybrid Work Integrates with Microsoft Teams
    Oct 21, 2021

    We built the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work Microsoft Teams integration to streamline setup and make it extremely easy for employees to book rooms and desks without having to log into another program. Our seamless connection with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Active Directory creates a simple onboarding process for employees and administrators alike.  Convincing employees to start […]