Managing a campus can be a complex and demanding task, requiring seamless coordination across various facilities and resources.

For higher education institutions, efficient space management is crucial not only for operational effectiveness but also for enhancing the overall student experience.

We are excited to introduce OfficeRnD Hybrid for academia – a proven hybrid work and space management solution. It acts as a university scheduling software but it has much more to offer.

And for a limited time, higher education institutions can save 15% on the annual agreement, optimizing your campus management without straining your budget.

Unlock Seamless Campus Management with University Scheduling Software

OfficeRnD Hybrid is a powerful space management tool that brings simplicity and efficiency to campus operations. The software is designed to help you manage everything from traditional meeting rooms and labs to library spaces, cubicles, and more.

Here’s how OfficeRnD Hybrid can revolutionize your campus space management.

Seamless Space Booking and Management

With OfficeRnD Hybrid, managing your campus spaces becomes effortless. The tool allows you to book and oversee a variety of spaces including meeting rooms, labs, library areas, cubicles, and more. You can ensure each area is used effectively, fostering an environment of collaboration and productivity for students and staff alike.

Intelligent Space Utilization

Understanding how your spaces are used is key to making informed decisions about campus layouts, resource allocation, and operational efficiency.

space scheduling software

OfficeRnD Hybrid provides detailed tracking and measurement of space usage, offering valuable insights that help you optimize your campus facilities.

Excellent On-Campus Experience

A well-managed campus enhances the on-campus experience for both students and staff.

With streamlined booking processes and efficiently managed facilities, OfficeRnD Hybrid ensures that your campus environment is conducive to learning and collaboration.

Students can focus on their studies and group projects without the hassle of scheduling conflicts or finding available study spaces.

Customizable Privacy Options

We understand the importance of privacy and security on campus. OfficeRnD Hybrid offers customizable privacy settings, allowing you to provide secure and appropriate access to different spaces for various members of your campus community.

This feature ensures that sensitive areas are protected while maintaining accessibility for those who need it.

Flexible Workplace Solutions

The software is designed to cater to diverse needs, providing dedicated desks, study desks, and collaborative spaces for both regular and drop-in users.

Whether your students and staff need a quiet place to focus or a collaborative area for group work, OfficeRnD Hybrid can accommodate their requirements.

Learn more about hot desking and desk hoteling.

Why Choose OfficeRnD Hybrid for Your Campus?

Choosing OfficeRnD Hybrid means choosing a partner dedicated to improving the way you manage your campus spaces. Here are some of the key benefits the solution offers for you:

  • Streamline Campus Operations and Elevate Student Satisfaction: Efficiently manage your campus facilities, reducing operational complexities and improving student satisfaction.
  • Revolutionize Campus Space Management and Boost Student Engagement: Create an environment that encourages student engagement and collaboration through optimized space utilization and collaborative scheduling.
  • Optimize Facility Usage and Enrich Campus Life: Make the most of your available spaces, ensuring that every area is used effectively to enrich campus life.
  • Enhance Campus Efficiency and Improve Student Interactions: Improve the overall efficiency of your campus operations, fostering better interactions and experiences for students.
  • Transform Space Management and Foster a Better Student Environment: Take your campus management to the next level, creating a better environment for learning and collaboration.

Limited-Time Offer: Save 15% Annually Now

To celebrate the launch of OfficeRnD Hybrid for higher education, we are offering a special discount—save 15% on the annual agreement.

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Join the many higher education institutions that have already revolutionized their operations and improved student experiences with our innovative space management tool.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your campus management and enhance student experiences at a reduced cost. But hurry—this offer ends on November 1, 2024.


What is OfficeRnD Hybrid?

OfficeRnD Hybrid is a hybrid work enablement and management solution that shines in:

  • desk and meeting room booking
  • Space management and optimization
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Advanced tracking and analytics

What Kind of Spaces Can I Optimize With OfficeRnD Hybrid for Academia?

You can use OfficeRnD Hybrid for academia to book and manage all kinds of spaces including meeting rooms, cubicles, desks, interview rooms, labs, discussion pods, parking spaces, and more.

Who Can Benefit from this Offer?

All higher education institutions can get this offer as long as they are not OfficeRnD customers.

Why Using University Scheduling Software is Better Than Using a Spreadsheet?

While spreadsheets are cheap, they are cumbersome to use and easily lead to confusion. Besides, they present the risk of security breaches. Using a space management solution is much more intuitive and easier.

Does Using OfficeRnD Hybrid Require a Long Learning Curve?

No. We offer an extensive and streamlined onboarding process through which, we will guide you from the beginning to the very end. We will help you add locations and all kinds of resources.

Does the Tool Integrate with Other Apps?

Yes. The best thing about OfficeRnD Hybrid is that it’s highly embeddable and integrates with all commonly used apps. Moreover, we will help you set up your integrations.

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