Coworking software

Occupancy, Resources and Inventory Management

Easily manage and report on your space inventory and resources utilization.
Visualize and Communicate Availability

Keep track of your physical space layout, utilization, and all your key resources in a beautiful and visual way. The interactive floorplan allows you to:

  • Get insight into revenue, occupancy timeframes, agreements, and more
  • Manage your desks, private offices, and meeting rooms
  • Select resources and assign members
  • Manage moves and relocations
Easily Keep Your Floorplans Up-to-date
  • Apply any changes on time with a few mouse clicks in scale.
  • Import the pictures of your original floorplan in the background and draw directly on top of them.
  • Draw walls, define zones, move desks, and more.
  • Keep a history of the changes by creating floorplan revisions and versions.
Manage and Report on Resources

Keep track of your desks and offices occupancy, availability, and history.

  • Easily filter available desks or offices
  • Keep track of the history of each individual resource
  • Run historical reports
Understand Your Vacancy and Utilization Rates
  • Real-time occupancy dashboard allows you to check on current vacancy levels at all time.
  • Occupancy reports allow you to analyze the performance of each individual resource over time.
  • Resource Utilization reports help you gauge the effectiveness of all bookable resources.

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