Coworking Management Software

Occupancy and Resources



Visualize and Communicate Availability

Keep track of your physical space layout, utilization and all your key resources in a beautiful and visual way. The interactive floorplan allows you to:

  • Get insight into revenue, occupancy timeframes, agreements and more
  • Manage your desks, private offices, and meeting rooms
  • Select resources and assign members
  • Manage moves and relocations
Easily Keep Your Floorplans Up-to-date
  • Apply any changes on time with a few mouse clicks in scale.
  • Import the pictures of your original floorplan in the background and draw directly on top of them.
  • Draw walls, define zones, move desks, and more.
  • Keep a history of the changes by creating floorplan revisions and versions.
Manage and Report on Resources

Keep track of your desks and offices occupancy, availability, and history.

  • Easily filter available desks or offices
  • Keep track of the history of each individual resource
  • Run historical reports
Understand Your Vacancy and Utilization Rates
  • Real-time occupancy dashboard allows you to check on current vacancy levels at all time.
  • Occupancy reports allow you to analyze the performance of each individual resource over time.
  • Resource Utilization reports help you gauge the effectiveness of all bookable resources.

Don't take if from us

  • "OfficeRnD is the brains behind our operations, especially because of its many integrations. It just helps us make sure that everything works when we open the doors of a new location."

    silvi us&co
    Sylvi Wilamowska
    Operations Manager, Business Space | Us&Co


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