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OfficeRnD Rooms

OfficeRnD Rooms displays the real time status of room bookings.


Room management simplified 

Deploy a white-label tablet app to take control of meeting room management and provide clear guidance to members.

  • Display room availability at the door of each room
  • Display your brand logo and colors outside every resource
  • Prevent members from accessing a room that has been booked by someone else
  • Automatically dim screens after-hours to save energy

Impress members with informative displays

Display real-time room availability outside of your conference rooms so members can quickly reserve open resources. 

  • Feel confident in bookings, with displays that show were you booked and when you meeting ends
  • Highlight room amenities so members can find the space they need
  • Display room capacity so members can understand room size
  • Eliminate meeting overlap and reduce booking confusion with clear room statuses
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