How Alley Scaled Operations and Grew as A True Entrepreneurial Hub





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About Alley


Alley is a next level ecosystem for entrepreneurs powered by innovative technology and a well-connected community. They’ve built a massive operation in the span of just several years and managed to become one of US’s shiniest examples of coworking done right. In addition, their partnership with Verizon brought the power of emerging technologies and thought-leadership to their community, helping them bridge the gap between startup and corporation.



Alley’s ambition to become a true entrepreneurial hub required them to reach a serious critical mass and expand swiftly. However, the legacy systems they had in place were holding them back and didn’t provide enough efficiency and visibility over the business to keep up with their growth.

The OfficeRnD management platform plays a key role in helping them scale operations by:

  • Automating billing and contract management
  • Improving forecasting capabilities
  • Providing quick and easy access to key business metrics
  • What I like most about OfficeRnD is its usability and the fact that the information is presented simply and cleanly.

    Damon Kornhauser_alley
    Damon Kornhauser
    VP Strategy | Alley

The challenge: Friction in operations and no visibility


Before moving to OfficeRnD, the Alley team was managing operations in their spaces with a coworking management system, and a homegrown CRM complemented with a plain files structure.

This setup proved to be highly inefficient, especially in a few key areas:

  • Contracts management

    Their existing setup made it very hard and time-consuming to accurately track contracts across member expansion, contraction and/or moving.

  • Occupancy management

    They didn’t have any insight (at a glance) on the future availability of their coworking spaces and when a membership ends, which led to more rolling contracts and people having legacy rates.

  • Reporting

    It was hard to run reports on key business metrics and set a course for growth. Answering questions like what percentage of each space is occupied, what is the price per seat, or what is the forecasted revenue was almost impossible.

The solution: Automating operations and providing visibility of key business metrics


Automating and streamlining contract creation and reporting

OfficeRnD now helps Alley with automating the contract creation process, keeping track of contract types (new, renewal, expansion, etc.) and outlining all contracts that are up for renewal.

Improving forecasting capabilities

The Alley team can now go in OfficeRnD, look at the projected revenue report and say this is how each space is going to look like in 6 months. They have a snapshot of every office, and what’s booked in that office, for every month.

Providing quick and easy access to key workspace business metrics

In addition to forecasting capabilities, the Alley team now has quick and easy access to key dashboards and business reports such as occupancy, revenue occupancy and price per seat for member and space.

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  • OfficeRnD is taking a huge administrative burden out of our location level. They have done a great job of developing and integrating reporting, accounting and the member facing experience in to one platform.

    Kane Willmott
    Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices
  • Of all the software we’ve ever used, OfficeRnD has been our best onboarding process to date.

    kane willmott_iq offices
    Kane Willmott
    Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

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    Active Members 1000
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    United States New York | Boston | Los Angeles | Palo Alto | Washington D.C.
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