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About Firmspace

Firmspace is a private office space for discerning, achievement-driven professionals and executives. Firmspace offers secure and sound-masking offices, white-glove client service, five-star amenities, best-in-class technology, and professionally trained staff that members need to excel in their careers and grow their business.

The first location opened its doors in 2017 in Austin, TX, US. As of 2020, the company has grown up to 4 existing locations across the US and is currently working on opening more sites.

The company is driven by the single belief that β€˜professionals deserve a sanctuary of their own’. While others are in the business of providing workspace only, Firmspace’s mission is to support professionals as much as it’s humanly – and technologically – possible.


Initially, the Firmspace team was handling operations with an AWS-based software solution that was built in-house. But instead of helping them scale, this custom solution was holding them back.

At some point, Firmspace started looking for an off-the-shelf product and recognized the OfficeRnD coworking software as the perfect fit for their business needs. OfficeRnD helped Firmspace by:

  • Automating contract and membership management
  • Enabling reporting and forecasting
  • Integrating all critical systems and apps
  • Enabling seamless communication with members
  • OfficeRnD is the perfect blend of design and function to get the job done and let us focus on other aspects of running the company.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace

The challenge: Inefficient technology stack and no visibility on business metrics

Firmspace’s AWS-based software solution that was built in-house proved to be highly inefficient, especially in a few key areas:

  • Performance: It couldn’t bear the growing member data and had performance and functionality issues. The solution was slow and used to crash frequently especially when adding new locations and members.
  • Costs: Scaling the product and improving its performance and the user experience were very expensive.
  • Integrations: Connecting the solution with other systems (e.g., billing software) was inefficient and caused plenty of data inaccuracies.
  • Lack of visibility: The system provided no information on essential business metrics like revenue and occupancy.

At that time, the team realized the need for a reliable coworking software that would support their growth plans.

Firmspace needed a scalable solution that would automate and streamline billing, contracts, and memberships but also conference room bookings and communication with members.

Moreover, the company was looking for a platform with an intuitive and pleasant interface.

The solution: Automated operations and data-driven decisions

After exploring various software vendors, Firmspace recognized OfficeRnD as the perfect fit. The platform was the only one to meet the functionality, budget, and user experience requirements.

OfficeRnD helped Firmspace scale by enabling them to:

Spend less time on contracts and memberships management

OfficeRnD now helps Firmspace automate the contract creation and cancelation process. The platform enables visibility on contract type, duration, and other essential details.

Moreover, it provides the flexibility of turning on and off memberships in addition to adding and removing extra services to an existing membership.

Report and forecast on revenue and occupancy

The Firmspace team now has quick and easy access to key reports such as occupancy, revenue occupancy, and projected revenue reports. They also know more about the inventory and the history of the offices and how occupancy is going to look like on a future date.

Connect all essential systems and apps

OfficeRnD automates, integrates, and streamlines the billing process from end to end. No more manual synchronization and data errors.The platform also opens up a variety of opportunities for integration with other systems like mail management software and a receptionist app.

Having it all connected and automated enables Firmspace to send targeted communication to members and visitors based on their customer lifecycle stage, membership plan, etc.

Enable seamless communication with members

OfficeRnD enables Firmspace to send messages and updates to members so nobody misses important news. Moreover, OfficeRnD’s member apps give members an easy and convenient way of communicating with Firmspace’s team.

The apps also enable members to have control over basic everyday activities such as booking a meeting room and updating their billing details.


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  • We love the reporting feature. It was something we tried to solve in other ways in the past but didn’t quite succeed. With OfficeRnD, we have access to revenue reports and occupancy forecasting which is great.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace
  • With OfficeRnD, we spend a lot less time managing memberships and billing.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace
  • OfficeRnD is the perfect blend of design and function to get the job done and let us focus on other aspects of running the company.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace
  • Implementing OfficeRnD was fast and easy. The OfficeRnD team was very supportive, late at night and on the weekends, as we were on a deadline to get the migration done. The team across Sofia, London, and Atlanta is a wonderful group of humans.

    kenny kane
    Kenny Kane
    Chief Operating Officer | Firmspace

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