How IES Drove Employees to the Office for More Face-to-face Interaction





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About IES


Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) has built a solid reputation over the last 25 years as the leading global innovator in integrated performance based analysis, and they’re now home to the largest building physics analytics team in the world. IES Supports resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments, simulates and analyzes data to give those involved in their creation and management the information needed to make smarter, more sustainable decisions with confidence.

Their unique software and technology is supported by expert consultancy and a dedicated R&D department ensures that analytical tools and industry knowledge stays pioneering and innovative.



IES was 100% in the office prior to Covid and they were forced to go 100% remote during the pandemic. No one could have predicted that getting employees back to the office would be such a challenge but a lot changes in 2 years; resources need to be managed, budgets revised and systems devised to effectively enable employees to collaborate in the office. That presented a host of challenges.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid platform makes hybrid work, work for IES by:

  • Providing analytics on employee engagement via desk and room booking
  • Giving IES the ability to effectively manage real estate resources
  • Encourage employees to come back to the office via smart scheduling for collaboration
  • Using in app announcements and events to promote community
  • Allowing teams to come together and share progress and ideas
  • Eliminating friction in workflows by using SSO
  • The biggest reasons I would recommend OfficeRnD would be the ease of use and the friendly/helpful customer service.

    Sam pic
    Sam Boyd
    Office Coordinator

Getting employees back to the office while still providing flexibility


Get people back to the office

After 2 years of remote work, employees didn’t see the benefit of returning to the office. Integrated smart scheduling solutions provided them with the confidence that time spent at the office would be valuable.

Provide analytics

Leadership wanted transparency to key employee and space management analytics to help them effectively plan for future expanding and budgeting.

Coordinate multiple offices

IES has locations in multiple countries and cities and they use multiple space resources which was an additional challenge for their back to work policy.

Implementing a fully integrated hybrid workplace management platform


Integrated with existing systems for ease of use

IES team members were already using logins for existing systems and it was important not to add complexity to those workflows.. The OfficeRnD integrations and SSO made using the system as simple as possible to use.

Fast to implement to get employees back to the office

Companies like IES didn’t get much notice that getting back to the office was an option so when Covid restrictions were easing, they wanted to get employees face to face as soon as possible. OfficeRnD’s customer success team uses personalized onboarding to ensure goals are met.

Ease for employees to collaborate

For employees to want to go back to the office after 2 years of remote work, systems have to be easy and effective enough to encourage face to face work. OfficeRnD Hybrid provides simple desk and room booking directly through existing calendar systems with complete transparency to co-workers schedules. Providing that flexibility puts employees in control and encourages in person collaboration.

Effective at managing resources

The future of work is uncertain and the team at IES wanted analytics that would provide the kind of transparency to key metrics that would help leadership make informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

  • OfficeRnD was different from other services because of its friendly (and not pushy) customer service, access to the analytics and the amount of analytics, and ease of setup.

    Sam pic
    Sam Boyd
    Office Coordinator

See OfficeRnD Hybrid in Action

We’d love to show you how OfficeRnD Hybrid can help you manage the booking of desks, meeting space, visitor management and more.