How Plentymarkets Enabled Employees’ Return to the Office





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About Plentymarkets


Plentymarkets is a professional e-commerce platform that revolutionizes the way products are sold and connects all processes of online and offline trade. Their evolutionary multi-channel approach allows you to manage sales quicker and more efficiently across all channels while servicing over 50,000 daily users.

This intelligent, efficient and cloud-based system ensures that all your online and offline business processes mesh seamlessly. Plentymarkets includes a free online shop if you don’t already have one. You can also use their REST API interface to incorporate plentymarkets into your existing system environment. Whether all-in-one, middleware or something else entirely. plentymarkets lets you do business your way.



Plentymarkets is a Germany based technology company that has a 100% hybrid work model post Covid where employees have the flexibility to return to the office at their discretion. During Covid they were forced to go 100% remote moving from a traditional Monday-Friday office work model. With only 40 office seats for 250 employees, asking workers to come back to the office was a logistical nightmare that required the right solution.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid platform makes hybrid work, work for Plentymarkets by:

  • Integrating with their existing tech stack to reduce friction in desk and room booking for employees
  • Optimizing their office footprint at a 16% employee to desk ratio which is incredibly efficient
  • Enabling employees to return to the office to collaborate and socialize
  • Using the in app survey tool to comply with German health guidelines
  • Providing workplace policies that are flexible enough to meet future of work requirements
  • Giving employees visibility via office maps and schedules to guarantee calendar syncing
  • My favorite features of the platform are ease of use, customizability, survey feature (for COVID regulations and more), and price.

    Lucas Worhl
    Lucas Worhl
    Director of Operations

Effective Return-to-Work: Navigating Government Health Guidelines


Get people back to the office without frustration

One of the biggest frustrations with return to office initiatives is for employees to make the commute only to find themselves alone and joining Slack while co-workers remain home.

Reduce friction in desk and room booking with integrations to existing tech tools

The team at Plentymarkets already had existing tools and did not want yet another platform to complicate return to work initiatives. The solution had to be full integrated and use SSO to encourage adoption.

Compliance with government health guidelines

Germany had very specific return to office health requirements as Covid moved from pandemic to endemic and Plentymarkets needed a way to comply.

Dewhirst decided that face to face work in the office would be dictated by company requirements and individual staff needs so they needed a solution that could adjust with business demands.

Health-Compliant Surveys and Collaborative Calendar Syncs


In app employees surveys for health and well being

OfficeRnD has a survey feature that can be utilized for just about any purpose. Post Covid, Plentymarkets used the tool to ensure they complied with German health regulations and moving forward they can use a variety of surveys for anything from health checks to employee NPS tracking.

Encouraging in office employee collaboration

Plentymarkets has a desk to employee ratio of just 16% meaning that for every 4 office workers, they only had one desk available. They also had a 100% hybrid model meaning employees could come and go at their discretion. For most employees, being in the office with other employees provides the highest value so they needed to use OfficeRnD’s workplace software to allow employees visibility to who was working, when and where in the office.

Eliminating friction in workflows

OfficeRnD integrates with common calendar and collaboration software such as Teams, Outlook and Google Calendar for ease of use. Plentymarkets used these integrations to ensure that employees wouldn’t have to utilize a separate application to book desks and rooms while providing visibility to their team’s calendars.

Effectively manage office resources

Currently the Plentymarkets team is engaging with OfficeRnD’s desk and room book solution at a 91.6% rate and that is without a mandated Hybrid workplace policy. Being able to effectively manage limited resources while employees collaborate in the office provides leadership with the reassurance that they can grow without adding unnecessary office expenses.

  • OfficeRnD has helped us monitor the hybrid usage across the employees, besides surveys (track the difference between "expected/actual usage" and by whom).

    Lucas Worhl
    Lucas Worhl
    Director of Operations

See OfficeRnD Hybrid in Action

We’d love to show you how OfficeRnD Hybrid can help you manage the booking of desks, meeting space, visitor management and more.