How Stone & Chalk Utilizes OfficeRnD Analytics to Make Better Decisions





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About Stone & Chalk


Stone & Chalk is an innovation hub based out of Australia that breathes life into entrepreneurial aspirations. Their commitment to supporting startups and scaleups is the cornerstone of the company’s mission, igniting growth and facilitating commercial success. 

Their coworking spaces are more than just shared space – you’ll find a curated community, a vibrant blend of ideas, connections and more. From coffee chats to evening beers, every interaction is a stepping stone to greatness. With a rich tapestry of classes and mentorship, Stone & Chalk stands by the startups, equipping them with the tools to conquer challenges and embrace triumphs. What’s also part of their commitment to building a strong ecosystem is to collaborate closely with local government programs, shaping the very foundation of the technology sector.



Before the Stone & Chalk team started using OfficeRnD Analytics the reporting process was laborious, involving data export from OfficeRnD to Excel, followed by further manipulation within spreadsheets and pivot tables to concise the dataset. This proved to be challenging, especially during times of high activity. With the primary focus being on enhancing the members experience, Stone & Chalk’s team members from all roles were often required to shift their attention to community assistance. This left limited time for thorough reporting and reviewing these reports became a challenge. As a result, some data points were inadvertently overlooked, with historical data often being analyzed too late to make timely adjustments.

After the company started using OfficeRnD Analytics, it became evident that optimizing the utilization of hot desks could lead to improved occupancy rates. This realization led the team to an increased volume of hot desk sales. In the past, the absence of data analysis resulted in making assumptions that may lead to incorrect decisions. By leveraging available data with our Analytics tool, Stone & Chalk was empowered to make more informed and accurate decisions, avoiding potential missteps.

  • Data should be a high-priority aspect for any workspace. It's the only way to truly understand operations, utilization of space, and uncover opportunities for improvement where we may not be performing optimally. We rely on OfficeRnD Analytics to examine resource usage and strike the right balance of offerings. 

    Guil Cunha
    Director, NSW Hubs | Stone & Chalk
  • We leveraged Analytics to innovate and explore new product offerings. The introduction of off-peak membership allowed us to experiment with various concepts, test new ideas, and craft innovative products that catered to our needs. This flexibility enabled us to refine our offerings and accommodate members on specific days.

    Guil Cunha
    Director, NSW Hubs | Stone & Chalk

Challenges that OfficeRnD Analytics solved


  • With the convenience of accessing live data at their fingertips, generating reports has been easier than ever. The absence of a dedicated data scientist in their team was no longer an issue and consolidating data into Excel spreadsheets has gone into the past.
  • OfficeRnD Analytics offers in-depth insights across multiple dimensions of space operations through regular data reports. Before, due to time constraints and the complexity of generating reports, they often found it challenging to carry out this task.
  • OfficeRnD Analytics delves into the extensive range of data points available within the system, offering a holistic exploration of data from diverse angles. That was very important for the team when making strategic decisions.
  • Tracking aged receivables and unpaid memberships proved crucial in preventing overlooked invoices. The ability to access data and visualize uninvoiced revenue was a significant advantage, prompting a reevaluation of their processes. Now, Stone & Chalk can confidently anticipate a future free from such concerns.

Main benefits of working with OfficeRnD Analytics


  • OfficeRnD streamlined hub processes and operations from the outset. Initially starting with billing, the transition expanded to multiple aspects of the product, all under Guil Cunha’s guidance.
  • Implementing multiple features streamlined their processes and provided insights into daily hub operations, elevating the member experience. 
  • Every hub team member now has convenient access to OfficeRnD, facilitating a quick overview of member data. Functions like booking meeting rooms and accessing member information boost their operational efficiency. 
  • Members, no longer burdened with logging into multiple systems, now enjoy a seamless, unified experience thanks to the OfficeRnD white-label app.

Working with the OfficeRnD team to implement Analytics


“The Analytics team has been instrumental in tailoring specific dashboards to our needs, ensuring that our team accesses the right information with ease. For instance, we’ve developed a comprehensive operations dashboard that aligns with our requirements. Whenever adjustments are needed, reaching out to the team is all it takes. While time zone differences pose some constraints, the team’s dedication shines through. Plus, they have an exceptional speed of responsiveness. 

The team is great and has really good knowledge regarding data analytics. Whenever you have a question, the team is honest about what they can and can’t do. The overall experience has been excellent. Every request we’ve had has been met with enthusiasm, resulting in tailored solutions.”, shares Guil.



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