How Tavistock Reduced Real Estate Costs and Enabled In-Office Collaboration





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About Tavistock Restaurant Collection


The Tavistock Restaurant Collection is a part of the Tavistock Group, an international private investment organization founded by Joe Lewis more than 40 years ago and built on a core philosophy: We strive for excellence in everything we do.

The restaurant group carries on that standard with award-winning, rapidly growing, upscale dining concepts across the United States.



Tavistock was 100% in the office prior to Covid yet with the slow down in fine dining during the pandemic, it was critical that Tavistock saved money by eliminating excess real estate for office space. In addition, their hybrid work policy required corporate employees to be in the office 3 days a week (Tuesday through Thursday). Fortunately, they were able to join forces with their private equity parent and share offices post pandemic. That created additional challenges with manual processes for desk and room reservations that distracted the corporate office team from fully supporting their restaurant employees. Tavistock also manages a corporate apartment that creates additional complexity.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid platform makes hybrid work, work for Tavistock by:

  • Allowing them to eliminate costly real estate commitments
  • Creating efficiencies in their hybrid workplace model so they could better support their operations team
  • Encourage employees to come back to the office via smart scheduling for collaboration
  • Enabling all employees to use the Teams integration as a single source of truth for calendar sync and space reservation
  • Providing a hybrid solution that is adaptable enough to manage their office space as well as their corporate apartment
  • We needed an easy-to-use reservation system that integrated with MS Teams so we could continue providing support to our restaurant teams while creating a work/office environment that is flexible and meets the needs of our valuable workforce.

    Wes Smith
    Wes Smith
    VP of People and Culture

Encouraging Office Return in A Shared Space While Effectively Supporting Field Operations


Encourage employees to return to the office for collaboration and socialization

Manual processes of space management using Excel was time consuming and distracted office employees from being able to effectively support their restaurant operations team.

Simplify workflows using existing tech stack

The entire team uses the MS Teams app so their hybrid work model solution had to integrate and make desk and room booking simple.

A solution that can change with the times

Tavistock downsized their real estate holdings during Covid which led them to a shared office environment. With multiple variables, it was important for them to adopt a solution that could adapt with new workplace policies. The Human Resources team was also managing a corporate apartment that needed to be integrated with their hybrid workplace solution.

An MS Teams Integrated Hybrid Workplace System to Boost In-Office Collaboration


Integrated with existing systems for ease of use

Tavistock was using MS Teams throughout the system so a full integration that didn’t require another application was important to eliminate additional friction in their return to work initiatives.

Quick set up and adoption for new workplace policies

Tavistock made the decision to work in a shared office space with other companies and needed to implement a solution that eliminates confusion for space sharing and also encourages employees to follow policies to return to the office 3 days a week. Human resources had to focus on the continuation of smooth restaurant operations so adoption of the new system had to be seamless.

Easy for employees to collaborate and eliminate office conflicts

For employees to want to go back to the office after 2 years of remote work, systems have to be easy and effective enough to encourage face to face work. OfficeRnD Hybrid provides simple desk and room booking directly through MS Teams while providing employees the visibility to other team member’s in-office schedules. Ultimately this promotes collaboration and reduces the anxiety of coming into the office and potentially being alone.

Effective at managing resources

Tavistock had multiple challenges to overcome including how to manage a shared office environment and a corporate apartment within the same solution. OfficeRnD was able to easily coordinate multiple locations and “neighborhoods” within one system.

  • The top reason we selected OfficeRnd was due to the confidence and expertise of our Account Executive, ease of use and integration with MS Teams

    Wes Smith
    Wes Smith
    VP of People and Culture

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