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About Workhaus


Workhaus, the largest Canadian-owned coworking brand, sets the standard for modern coworking spaces. With 12 locations across Canada, including 10 in Toronto, Workhaus stands out for its blend of high-touch hospitality and community-driven experiences. From individual entrepreneurs and remote workers to Fortune 500 companies, Workhaus provides shared and private office spaces suitable for group sizes ranging from 1 to 100.


Navigating the complexities of managing a national network of coworking spaces, Workhaus encountered significant operational challenges. Their journey with OfficeRnD, as narrated by Adam Mawer, Director of Kitchener Waterloo, and Ryan Speers, COO, demonstrates a remarkable transformation in operational efficiency and member engagement.

  • Every single staff member uses OfficeRnD Flex, from our CEO to Community Leads, and it has a great interactive floor plan.

    adam mawer
    Adam Mawer
    Director of Kitchener Waterloo

The challenge


Before OfficeRnD, Workhaus’s space management methods were cumbersome and not sustainable for growth. As Mawer describes, “We were using a collection of well-maintained spreadsheets that mimicked an abstract floor plan and was difficult to train people on.” This system was inefficient, given their growing community and diverse needs.


The Solution


OfficeRnD Flex brought about a paradigm shift in Workhaus’s operations. The software’s digital floor plans and analytics have been invaluable for space management and member onboarding. Mawer notes, “Every single staff member, around 20 or so, uses OfficeRnD Flex, from our CEO to Community Leads, and it has a great interactive floor plan.”

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With even more solutions on the way, OfficeRnD addresses 7 key challenges for Workhaus today. Outlined below are the use cases in which the Canadian coworking organization is using OfficeRnD software.

Data predictability

The Data Hub upgrade significantly impacted their operations. Mawer was pleased with the latest features, saying the new launch “looks fantastic.” This tool has enabled proactive problem-solving and data-driven decision-making.

Speers added:

One of the greatest advantages for us moving forward: predictive analytics for our future performance. We love that bird’s eye view and the understanding of different product types and offerings. The collection of all those analytics, a combination of both time and advancements in the platform is going to help us significantly. We’ll have the data to improve our member experience and better determine requirements for new locations.

He went on to say “OfficeRnD’s analytics provide an understanding as to where your business is at and how you have performed historically which is great! What I like about OfficeRnD Flex is its intuitiveness and the integration of predictive analytics. It helps us cover our bases.”

This foreshadowing is crucial for strategic planning and operational effectiveness and both Mawer and Spears are already seeing the benefits for long-term planning.

Hybrid Member Solutions

One of OfficeRnD’s key contributions is in elevating member engagement. Mawer illustrates this change saying:

The biggest use is booking meeting rooms. In a pre-pandemic world, I would say each team member had access to book meeting rooms and everybody was using them frequently because in-person meetings were probably 70-80% of all meetings. Fast forward to the post-pandemic world, we’re in hybrid work and we’re seeing different use cases linked into the hybrid section of OfficeRnD. Now you might have one or two people on the team who act as administrators and book rooms for the rest of the team when they’re in the office.

The software’s adaptability has been essential in maintaining high member satisfaction amid evolving work patterns. Keeping tighter reins on access, allows admins to monitor who is using the office, who is booking meeting rooms, and get a sense of the overall usage of the space.

Operational Transformation

During our conversation with Mawer, he vividly recalled how OfficeRnD’s implementation brought a new location to life: “Before our new 181 University Ave location in Toronto was in OfficeRnD Flex, to the majority of our staff, it didn’t exist. It was just an idea – something that was coming soon. Once we added it to OfficeRnD Flex and started putting in opportunities, people could finally see the floor plan. So this really helped make it real.”

This visualization capability has been critical in managing and introducing new spaces. Workhaus COO, Ryan Spears, also highlighted the value of having access to the floor plan and explained they use both a printed version as well as the interactive piece on countless occasions.

The Impact on Growth and Scalability

OfficeRnD Flex has not just streamlined Workhaus’s current operations but also significantly enhanced its scalability. Reflecting on future growth at Workhaus Speers mentions:

Continued growth domestically is a huge goal for us. OfficeRnD’s advancements continue to provide data and better insight, so we can make more informed decisions and build better locations.

Mawer echoed these sentiments explaining, “We’re trying to be more data-driven. With the size of the company now and several locations, we literally would not be able to function without OfficeRnD Flex.”

The duo agrees the technology behind the analytics is pivotal to their business model and they rely on these features to grow and scale their already thriving organization.

Building a Community

A key aspect of Workhaus’s success is its emphasis on community-building. Mawer, once a paying member himself (in 2015), understands this well and reflected back on his experience “Everybody isn’t an invoice. That’s where the community leads come in. They get to know you. They get to know what you do. They’re there to make connections. That was my experience.”

Coming full-circle, Mawer now runs a Workhaus location on his own and still tries to emulate that pillar of community amongst his team today. He explains :

We’re not just a place to work. People create real friendships here.

Workhaus strives to create an environment that is “comfortable enough to call home, yet professional enough for any size organization’s board meeting.” They claim to be professional without taking themselves too seriously. The Canada-based coworking giant also prides itself on community-based programming and events to enhance their culture.

Adapting to Market Changes

The adaptability and customization of OfficeRnD Flex has allowed Workhaus to adapt effectively to market changes. Mawer remarked on the post-pandemic environment: “We saw everything was going to change. We realized we needed to pivot and OfficeRnD allowed us to offer a desk booking system that met those new needs.”

OfficeRnD’s Hybrid platform specifically aided in the reset of Workhaus’s offerings when work as the world knew it was turned upside down in 2020. Not only did it enable them to provide office space for companies at a fair price, but it also lent insight into the data and analytics.

OfficeRnD in Daily Operations

From a practical standpoint, OfficeRnD’s integration into daily operations has been seamless. Mawer shared, “Our Community Leads use OfficeRnD Flex for day-to-day operations. It’s integral to our workflow.” Workhaus relies on the OfficeRnD Flex platform daily to manage the web between all of their locations. From simple desk booking to intricate analytics, Workhaus officials agree this is the glue that holds their operations together.


OfficeRnD’s implementation at Workhaus is a testament to the power of the right coworking management software in driving operational excellence and enhancing member engagement. As they look to the future, Workhaus is well-equipped to scale, adapt, and thrive in the dynamic coworking space market.

  • We’re trying to be more data-driven. With the size of the company now and several locations, we literally would not be able to function without OfficeRnD Flex.

    adam mawer
    Adam Mawer
    Director of Kitchener Waterloo
  • The biggest use of OfficeRnD Flex is booking meeting rooms.

    adam mawer
    Adam Mawer
    Director of Kitchener Waterloo

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