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About Downtown Works


Downtown Works is a premium, curated coworking space located in San Diego. It combines inspiring interiors with accelerator-like support. They believe bringing people together fosters better work and increases work-life satisfaction. They built this space to encourage that connection in their city. What’s more, they’re committed to the growth of their customers. With events and workshops led by industry experts, they make success accessible. With that goal in mind, they also offer flexible plans, additional shared office space, and executive suites, for those who outgrow the coworking space.



The Southern California-based Downtown Works has witnessed remarkable growth and operational efficiency, thanks to its strategic partnership with OfficeRnD. This case study examines the journey of Downtown Works, focusing on the challenges they encountered, the innovative solutions they utilized, and the benefits of the collaboration.


  • We receive emails and phone calls all the time asking if we're interested in switching our coworking software, but I don’t think any solution matches the flexibility and ease of use of OfficeRnD Flex.

    david adato
    David Adato
    COO/CTO at Downtown Works

The challenge


Before partnering with OfficeRnD, Downtown Works experimented with various coworking systems like Cobot, Nexudus, Essensys, and Yardi Kube, facing numerous challenges every time. COO and CTO, David Adato, put it simply, “It was just never a smooth process.” The main pain points included complicated billing processes, inadequate membership management, and subpar member experiences.

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The Solution


In 2018, Downtown Works was just coming off another bad experience with coworking software when they were introduced to OfficeRnD – a small company with a bright future.

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They liked what they saw in OfficeRnD and decided to take a chance. The transition marked a significant improvement in their operational processes. OfficeRnD stood out for its flexibility, ease of use, and continuous updates. Adato stated:

We get emails and phone calls all the time to see if we’re interested in swapping and switching software, but I don’t think anyone has the flexibility and the ease of use of OfficeRnD Flex.

Adato broke down how OfficeRnD offers a solution to each of their challenges:

  • Billing and Contracting: Adato emphasizes, “The most important thing within any coworking software is billing, it’s the backbone of any successful coworking space.” OfficeRnD excelled in this area, providing flexibility and ease in creating diverse membership plans and handling intricate billing processes.
  • External Bookings and Member Experience: Downtown Works leverages OfficeRnD for managing day pass purchases and meeting room rentals. The member portal significantly enhances user experience by simplifying bookings, payments, and information access.
  • Reflecting Company Image: Adato asserts the importance of software in reflecting the company’s image. “It’s a direct reflection on us,” he says, highlighting the necessity for a software solution that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. He added, “I would say I’ve seen some other systems and their UI/UX experience is not the best and is outdated.”
  • Company-wide Adoption: OfficeRnD is described as “the brain of the coworking operation,” with at least 10 staff members using it across all locations. It centralizes information about memberships, and meeting rooms, and integrates seamlessly with other platforms like HubSpot.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Adato noted the improvements in efficiency and productivity, “My team can go in and make an agreement in less than five minutes.” The integration with existing systems like HubSpot further enhances this efficiency.

Facing economic challenges and the need to distinguish between flex and traditional coworking spaces, Downtown Works plans to leverage technology further. They aim to educate potential clients on the cost-effectiveness of coworking spaces through tools like their online space calculator.

They also highlight the critical role of automation in their operation. The shift towards remote and hybrid work models has led to increased vacancies in commercial spaces, presenting opportunities for Downtown Works to replicate their successful model in new locations.

Adato shares:

One of the locations that we’re expanding to is a proof of concept in which we go into buildings that have smaller spaces and kind of run it and operate it as an autonomous coworking space.

Thanks to OfficeRnD Flex, Downtown Works has been able to improve productivity, streamline business operations, and now continues to pave the way in the wonderful world of coworking.

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Downtown Works’ successful partnership with OfficeRnD stands as a testament to the transformative power of the right technological solutions in the coworking industry. Their journey from operational inefficiencies to streamlined processes, enhanced member experiences, and significant growth underscores the importance of choosing the right ‘brain’ for your operation, as Adato aptly puts it.

This case study not only highlights the challenges faced by coworking spaces but also demonstrates how innovative solutions like OfficeRnD Flex can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

  • I’ve explored other systems, and often their user experience falls short with outdated interfaces.

    david adato
    David Adato
    COO/CTO at Downtown Works
  • Using any other coworking management software - it was never a smooth process.

    david adato
    David Adato
    COO/CTO at Downtown Works

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