Developer Resources

From here, you can find API documentation, developer resources, guides, and best practices. You can also find a lot of hidden gems and useful engineering know-how in our dedicated developers’ blog!

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What do you want build?

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    An integration

    You can easily connect the OfficeRnD flex space platform with any software application out there. Our APIs are easy to use and allow achieving an unlimited number of external integrations.

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    Workplace app

    You can easily create mobile, web, or tablet app, digital signage, or any other workplace app that will be useful for the tenants or employees in your workplace.

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    A web widget

    You can easily create and integrate listing widgets, booking flows, signup, or purchase flows directly into your marketing website.

Explore OfficeRnD’s APIs

The OfficeRnD API empowers any developer or team to extend our platform. You can easily build custom integrations, tenant experiences, or entire solutions. Take a look at the examples below or visit our docs to get started.

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