Streamline Your Customer Lifecycle with E-sign

  • Stop Doing Manual Work

    Easily send contracts for legally binding electronic signatures without the need to send and receive paper or scanned copies. It takes one click and the whole process is automated.

  • Hassle-free and Time-saving

    Contacts can be signed virtually in a matter of seconds without the need to wait for the person to sign a paper copy and mail it back to you. It is faster and easier than printing, signing, scanning and sending back.

Integration overview

OfficeRnD enables operators to easily send contracts to their customers for electronic signature. Once a contract is ready for signing, your customers will be notified via automatically generated white label email. From the email, they can access and review the document.
Next, they will be guided through a series of prompts and asked to sign the document.

After they have signed the document, you’ll get notified and asked to sign the document as well.

Once the contract has been signed by both parties your customer will get a notification with the option to download the signed PDF version of the contract. You will also get a notification that the contract stage has been changed and the memberships will be applied to the account.

OfficeRnD charges a set amount per digital document sent. This charge will be applied to your monthly invoice.

What is Dropbox Sign?

Dropbox Sign is a tool that lets users easily send, receive and manage legally binding electronic signatures. Find out more about Dropbox Sign  here .

Didn’t find the integration you’re looking for?

No worries, we have an open API you can use to develop one yourself. You can check it out here.

Stuck with the integration?

If you have any questions regarding the integration between OfficeRnD and Dropbox Sign, please contact Support.

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