Complete Cloud Native Printing with OfficeRnD and PaperCut Hive


  • Streamline Member Onboarding

    Create a positive onboarding experience for members with automatic PaperCut Hive invitations, giving them instant access to the printing environment.

  • Easy charging for Printing

    Simply use the OfficeRnD product plans or set up standardised charges for automated billing of print related charges.

  • Seamless Member Management

    For ease and simplicity, all member changes in OfficeRnD are automatically updated in PaperCut Hive.

Integration overview

The Cilantro Add-On for OfficeRnD and PaperCut Hive simplifies member management, automates billing, and streamlines the onboarding process for new members.

The powerful integration allows you to:

  • Automatically create members in PapeCut Hive providing instant access to the printing environment
  • Automatically sync members’ information from OfficeRnD to PaperCut Hive
  • Automate the billing process for print-related charges including having the flexibility to configure charges using OfficeRnD product plans or create standardized charges for printing, copying, and scanning in the Add-On
  • Include the consumption of OfficeRnD Coins per Product/Plan when setting up the Add-On

What is PaperCut Hive?

Cloud-native, fully embedded print management software for co working environments that need a secure and flexible printing solution to track, control, and enable print, copy, and scan.

Easy and convenient printing for everyone – PaperCut Hive is making printing easy again.  Users simply print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or the MFP/MFD’s touchscreen.

Keeping data secure for peace-of-mind printing – PaperCut Hive has security features built-in to keep your documents private and on-site, helping to protect your data before, during, and after printing. It’s also the perfect solution for coworking environments with the intuitive Mobile App for members to self-setup and access a touch-free option to release print jobs at the device.

Sustainable printing that allows you to shrink your environmental footprint and your bills – PaperCut Hive boasts eco-friendly policies perfect for coworking spaces wanting to reduce their environmental impact — so you can reduce paper waste, save on toner, recover costs, and make sustainable habits the status quo.

You can find out more about PaperCut here or contact them at [email protected] or

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Stuck with the integration?

If you have any questions regarding the integration between OfficeRnD and PaperCut Hive please contact our Support team.

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