Automate Manual Tasks with OfficeRnD and Zapier

  • Improve Your Sales Process

    OfficeRnD can be connected to any CRM through Zapier just with a few clicks. Sync contacts, companies, and opportunities to save time and effort.

  • Improve Onboarding

    Ensure the smooth transition from Sales to Onboarding by saving time from manual data entry and enabling prompt notifications between teams.

  • Improve Member Experience

    Enable automatic triggers between all of your operational systems, making sure that the processes you’ve put in place to improve member experience will be executed properly and on time.

Integration overview

OfficeRnD’s connects to 1300+ tools and apps through Zapier, enabling coworking managers to automate repetitive tasks and processes in their space. This integration is an important component of OfficeRnD’s goal to provide coworking spaces with the foundation they need to focus on growing and scaling their business. Although the tasks and processes that can be automated are countless and depend on the specific context of each business, below we’ve tried to summarize some of the most important benefits:


Automating and Improving Your Sales Process

When using OfficeRnD to manage your sales process – OfficeRnD has the fundamental functionality required to manage a sales process, such as creating Leads and Opportunities. But, to close the complete sales loop, there are a few “marketing features” that can be added and automated with Zapier:

1) Creating Leads in OfficeRnD from new form submissions on your marketing website – example template to achieve this with Typeform:

2) Creating Leads AND Opportunities when a prospect books a tour via a calendar link on your marketing website – example template to achieve this with Calendly:

3) Getting prompt notifications via email or chat once a new Lead and/or Opportunity is created – example template to achieve this with Slack and Gmail:

When using a dedicated CRM to manage your pre-sales process – if you’re using an external CRM to manage leads, the above-mentioned features are probably covered well. However, since OfficeRnD still serves as your after-sales/coworking CRM, the true challenge here is making sure your customer data is in sync with both systems.

Manual data transfer is not only a time-consuming task, but can also lead to human errors that can result in extra wasted time to correct them, or worse – bad customer experience during onboarding. To solve this, we’ve configured:

A template with HubSpot that transfer ONLY contacts and companies that converted to customers:

A template with SalesForce that transfers ALL contacts and accounts that are created:


Automating and Improving Onboarding

Onboarding a new Member or Team is a project on its own, so automation comes pretty handily here as well. We’ve covered 2 examples here that can serve as a starting point:

Ensuring a smooth transition to onboarding – the idea of this Zap is to make sure that your whole team will be prepared to kick-off the onboarding process with new customers on the right foot. To do so, you can set up automatic notifications that go out to your team once a Lead becomes a Customer. You can use the following templates we’ve set up with Slack and Gmail to achieve this:

Quick Tip: If you operate multiple locations, you can set up an automation that considers in which location the new Company will be moving in and sends an email to the respective Center Manager with relevant details. Ping us at [email protected] if you need help with setting this up!

Automatically adding new members to email marketing tools – basically making sure your members stay informed of important information by automatically adding them to your email marketing tools. We’ve set up a template that works with MailChimp (but any other tool should do the trick):

Didn’t find the integration you’re looking for?

No worries, we have an open API you can use to develop one yourself. You can check it out here.

Stuck with the integration?

If you have any questions regarding the integration between OfficeRnD and Zapier, please check the setup guide or contact Support with any questions you have.

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