The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Expanding Your Coworking Space

Identify the challenges inherent in running a multi-site business and learn how to address them accordingly

The idea of scaling your business with a second coworking space is very exciting, but it probably comes with plenty of questions, concerns, and doubts.

The following guide to scaling a coworking business is a product of our observations, additional research, and focused interviews with industry experts and clients of ours who have gone through such growth first-hand.

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What you'll learn

We’ve covered the expansion process from the initial evaluation of your current business, through the analysis of the local business environment, to the preparation for launch.

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • what are the most popular options for expansion
  • how to validate whether you have the physical, operational, financial, or other necessary capacities to expand
  • how to investigate the local market and business environment and validate if it’s feasible to open a new location
  • how to design your meeting rooms according to your audience’s needs
  • how to hire and build successful teams that will support your expansion
  • what promotional efforts might come in handy to fill up your new site/location
  • which are the essential systems that you need to set up prior to launch
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This eBook was written with the help of some of the best industry experts we’re proud to call partners and friends.



Sarah Fustine

Partner, Operations & Strategic Partnerships
Think Big Partners

Sarah Fustine is the founding board member of the KC Coworking Alliance and an experienced coworking operator. Out of Kansas City, she ran operations of Think Big Coworking’s first location (18,000SF) in 2010 and then expanded the business by designing and building a larger building (24,000SF) which eventually expanded to other floors (31,000SF). After 8 years of operating a successful full and active community space, Think Big Coworking was acquired in March 2018.

She is now a Partner at Think Big Partners, an innovation-driven professional services firm that advises the world’s most progressive-minded cities, companies, innovators and entrepreneurs on smart cities and IoT technology. She runs the workspace advisory business specializing in designing, building, launching and operating shared workspaces, building innovation districts, citizen engagement programming and assessing the role of collaborative spaces in an ecosystem of entrepreneurial activity.

Michael Everts

US Regional Manager

Michael Everts is the US Regional Manager for OfficeRnD and the Co-Founder of SharedSpace. He began his career in the audio-visual industry where he designed and built collaboration spaces for large corporations across the southeast. In July 2016 he Co-Founded SharedSpace, a high-tech workspace focused on serving local communities in the Atlanta suburbs. In 2019 Michael joined OfficeRnD to help grow the US team and support more operators stateside. Michael’s day to day focus involves working with operators and building owners to grow their brands and build thriving coworking communities.

iris Kavanagh

Global Alliance of Women who Cowork

Coworking with Iris


Iris Kavanagh works with shared workspace organizations to streamline operations and develop dynamic communities. Iris led the NextSpace team during initial expansion from 1 location to 9 and co-founded various industry groups, produced Freelance Camps and has spoken at various industry conferences. Iris currently consults, co-leads the Global Alliance of Women Who Cowork and showcases industry and movement leaders through her media series, Coworking with Iris.

Jeannine van der Linden

de Kamer

European Coworking Assembly

Jeannine van der Linden is the Founder of de Kamer, an intentional network of coworking spaces. She’s also a Director of Accessibility and Sustainability at the European Coworking Assembly, and a Managing Partner of Open Coworking, a global community of people dedicated to the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in their shared workplace.


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Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Expanding Your Coworking Space