Master Digitalization & Automation of Flexible Workspaces

Manage Your Flex Space the Smart Way

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Running a workspace post-COVID requires exceptional flexibility, accessibility, and a hybrid way of working. Digitalization and automation are key to achieving this. They are also essential to operational efficiency and a next-level customer experience.

But do you think you have already mastered automation and digitalization in your workspace? Register for this webinar to find out!

What’s in it for you:
  • Key processes that are worth automating
  • Best practices and real-life examples
  • How OfficeRnD can help you in the process
  • Tips and tricks for Zapier, Webhooks, and APIs

Meet the speakers

  • Miryana Stancheva
    Customer Success Manager at OfficeRnD

    Miryana is the coworking scientist in our team - with Ph.D. in organizational psychology, focusing on the coworking movement and years of coworking experience as growth and community manager, she is now passionate about guiding other spaces in the process of digital transformation and automation. Assessing the needs of the shared workspaces, finding the best ways to implement OfficeRnD and meeting the clients' expectations is what will always bring a smile on her face at work.

  • Viliyana Mutafova
    Customer Success Manager at OfficeRnD

    Viliyana is focused on helping customers get the most out of our product. Customer Success & Onboarding aligns with her intrinsic motivators - the need to add value & the desire to help things grow. Before joining the team, she was organizing a Hackathon series initiated to boost the Estonian local startup scene by bringing the Silicon Valley attitude to Eastern Europe as well as to other developing markets.

  • Pavel Agov
    Customer Success Manager at OfficeRnD

    Pavel is super excited about being part of a quickly-growing company in an ever-expanding industry. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science, but later found out that his true calling is being able to help others grow and succeed in their endeavors. Outside of the workspace, Pavel is a huge sports fan, enjoys the outdoors as well as geeking out about anything and everything.

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