Digital Communication and Community Engagement

Presenting OfficeRnD’s New Coworking Member Apps
💻 ON-DEMAND Webinar

Join us for a webinar on the importance of digital communication and community engagement. You’ll see the newly revamped OfficeRnD Web Portal and Mobile App. Also, you’ll learn how they can help you communicate effectively with your community and provide a delightful digital experience to your members.

P.S. This live webinar is over. Sign up to receive a recording of the webinar.

What you’ll get:

  • A talk with an industry veteran on effective digital communication
  • Good practices on what creates a great digital member experience
  • Demo of the new OfficeRnD coworking member apps including a deep dive into push notifications, video rooms, virtual office and other communication-related features.
  • Q&A session

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Kenny Kane
Kenny Kane

Vice President of Operations at FIRMSPACE

Kenny Kane is the Vice President of Operations at FIRMSPACE. In his role, he oversees the national daily operations of the company including, but not limited to, member experience, internal support, digital infrastructure, IT, AV, security, and other duties as assigned.

Momchil Andreev

Product Management Lead at OfficeRnD

A technology enthusiast by heart, Momchil spent the last decade in technology companies helping them build and push to market products that help other businesses succeed commercially.

His confidence that technology is a driver for good mixed with his appreciation of good customer experience led him to join the OfficeRnD team, where he’s now driven by the goal of helping our industry change how people “consume” workspaces in a way that improves the quality of their well being and chance of professional success.

Mike Everts

US Regional Manager at OfficeRnD

Joining the OfficeRnD team is a great opportunity to use the knowledge that Mike has learned from the industry to help build a software that will empower owners across the world with the best tech and tools to run their spaces.

Prior to joining our team, Mike served as President and Co-founder of SharedSpace — a high-tech workspace and client of ours, focused on serving local communities in the Atlanta suburbs.


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Webinar: Digital Communication and Community Engagement.

Presenting OfficeRnD’s New Coworking Member Apps