Optimize Your Coworking Sales Funnel for Better Results

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Your sales funnel drives your top-line revenue. 📈 Knowing the numbers you need to hit your membership goals is critical.


Let’s get your sales funnel optimized to help you hit your revenue targets. 🎯

In this webinar, Jamie Russo will walk you through the layers of the coworking sales funnel and common leakage points that you can proactively address to keep those leads flowing into memberships.


Watch On-demand Webinar

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The steps in the coworking sales funnel
  • Technology to use to improve conversion at each step
  • How to plug common lead leaks
  • How to set up a tracker to help you keep your eye on the prize

You’ll also get access to Jamie’s Sales Funnel Resource Pack containing:

  • Sales Funnel Image
  • Sample Tour Tracker
  • Sample Weekly Meeting Agenda
  • Coworking Tech and Tools Guide
  • coworking sales process




coworking sales pipeline
Jamie Russo

CEO, Everything Coworking

Executive Director, Global Workspace Association



Jamie Russo is the CEO of Everything Coworking, an industry education platform. She hosts the Everything Coworking Podcast which brings industry trends and how-to’s to a weekly show. She’s also the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association.

Her Coworking Startup School program is the genesis of her almost a decade of experience in coworking as a founder of two coworking spaces (Enerspace), former president of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces, Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association and closet nerd with a passion for teaching and helping people design and launch profitable coworking spaces. 

The next node on the education platform is Community Manager University – an online learning platform and community for the heart, soul and oftentimes, bread and butter of our coworking businesses. The platform is designed to develop exceptional managers, supplementing your in-person training. It includes mini courses and resources that train and develop community managers across the bucket of community management, operations, marketing, finance and leadership.


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Webinar: Optimize Your Coworking Sales Funnel for Better 2020 Results