Intro to OfficeRnD

Every Thursday at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT*

Find out how 500+ flexible workspaces use OfficeRnD to:
  • Save valuable time and resources by automating operations
  • Improve profitability by keeping track of key business and utilization metrics
  • Improve member experience by removing friction from member-faced activities and by boosting engagement
This recurring webinar is suitable for:
  • Flexible workspaces interested in the OfficeRnD product and its capabilities
  • OfficeRnD customers in early-stage onboarding who have questions related to the essentials of the platform

* You can choose which date suits you best. You can attend this webinar several times.  


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What we'll cover

  • An overview of the OfficeRnD Admin Portal
  • A quick look at our most essential integrations
  • A walk through the member experience with the platform
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your OfficeRnD account
  • Q&A session: 10 min
  • coworking management software




Michael Everts

US Regional Manager


Michael Everts is the US Regional Manager at OfficeRnD, a coworking management platform for growing workspaces, and the Co-Founder of SharedSpace—a high-tech workspace in the Atlanta suburbs. Prior to coworking, Michael worked in the audio-visual industry where he designed and built collaboration spaces for large corporations across the southern US. In 2019 Michael joined OfficeRnD to help grow the US team and support more operators stateside.

Jessica Knapp

APAC Regional Manager

After being involved in the startup environment for years, in 2012 Jessica joined the team at NextSpace as a Community Manager, not only leading the space but leading a team of community managers across the company. Jessica had an incredibly rich experience in all aspects of managing a coworking space—from community, to operations, to accounting and all other things coworking. In 2015, she joined the team of OfficeRnD as Regional Manager for the APAC region.


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Weekly Recurring Webinar: Intro to OfficeRnD