How to Design Top-Performing Meeting Rooms for Coworking Spaces

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Meeting rooms are a top revenue stream for coworking spaces! But do you currently make the most out of them?


We invited Michael Everts to share his experience on meeting rooms design for coworking spaces. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to set them up properly to improve utilization and member experience.

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What you'll learn

  • What makes a meeting room attractive and user-friendly for coworking members and visitors
  • How to choose the types of meeting rooms you need in your coworking space based on the needs of your customers
  • How to set up wired and wireless connections in your meeting rooms
  • How to choose between a TV screen vs projector and how to set them up
  • How both you and your members can benefit from room reservation technology
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Michael Everts

US Regional Manager


Michael Everts is the US Regional Manager at OfficeRnD, a coworking management platform for growing workspaces, and the Co-Founder of SharedSpaceβ€”a high-tech workspace in the Atlanta suburbs. Prior to coworking, Michael worked in the audio-visual industry where he designed and built collaboration spaces for large corporations across the southern US. In 2019 Michael joined OfficeRnD to help grow the US team and support more operators stateside.


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Webinar: How to Design Top-Performing Meeting Rooms for Coworking Spaces