Multi-Location Marketing Strategies: How to Fill a Space in New (or Existing) Market

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Opening locations in new markets can be a nerve-wracking experience. And getting your space filled quickly can make a big difference to your bottom line (and sanity)! 🤪


In this webinar, Kevin Whelan will walk you through the steps he took to help iQ Office Suites go from two to five locations in under two years while maintaining a 3.5% marketing cost. 🚀



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What you'll learn

  • How to predict demand in the market you’re entering
  • How to get your website ranking in Google as quickly as possible
  • How to start generating leads quickly with advertising
  • How to be “everywhere” your prospects are looking
  • How to measure and maximize the conversions on your website

…as well as other practical tips and tactics to help you fill your space in new (or existing) markets.

  • coworking growth tips




kevin whelan coworking guru
Kevin Whelan

Marketing Consultant


Kevin is a marketing consultant dedicated to helping coworking spaces get full. 

He writes frequently on all things marketing-related for coworking spaces on his website,, where you’ll find over 100 published articles on just this topic. He also leads a private online membership community called the Everspaces Club, where he teaches marketing systems, tactics, and strategies to coworking space owners and operators from around the world. 

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing (five years in the coworking industry) and 18+ years designing and developing websites, Kevin is a leading source of knowledge when it comes to helping coworking spaces get (and stay) full of happy members.


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Webinar: Multi-Location Marketing Strategies: How to Fill a Space in New (or Existing) Market