How to Simplify Hybrid Work Through Scheduling & Integrations

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Minimize uncertainty and help everyone in your organization embrace hybrid work

Managing a hybrid workplace — where teams work partly in the office and partly remotely — is a challenge. There are many moving parts, requiring a delicate balance between company goals and employee needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to minimize uncertainty and help everyone in your organization embrace hybrid work. Specifically, we’ll show you how OfficeRnD Hybrid puts you in control of your workplace and schedule. You’ll also see how our integrations make it possible to operate a hybrid workplace in everyday apps like Google Calendar.
blankHere’s what we’ll cover in this webinar:
  • How to save time and effort with Recurring Bookings
  • How to book desks on behalf of others with Delegated Bookings
  • OfficeRnD Hybrid’s integrations with Google Calendar & Google Directory
  • How we’ve made the OfficeRnD Hybrid setup process easier
  • How to quickly create Office Neighborhoods
  • Our revamped Floorplan builder and its recent improvements
Meet the Speakers
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    Colin Daymude
    Product Marketing Manager

    As a sales and marketing leader, Colin has managed remote hybrid teams for global SaaS companies and as an entrepreneur, managed his own team in very complex, blended environments. As part of the go-to-market team at OfficeRnD, Colin is responsible for helping organizations navigate the ever changing hybrid office by utilizing simple, smart formulas and best practices.

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How to Simplify Hybrid Work Through Scheduling & Integrations

  • Hosted by:

    Colin Daymune
    Colin Daymune
    Product Marketing Manager | OfficeRnD