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We are team OfficeRnD! We build software to run hybrid workplaces, coworking spaces, and all kinds of flex spaces. We power flexible working! We love writing about everything that relates to the future of work, flexible work, and working from anywhere.


  • Open Office desk chairs sunlight
    The Future of Work is Hybrid
    Apr 7, 2022

    The pandemic had a profound impact on just about every aspect of how we live, work, and share experiences. After the public health crisis jolted the world in early 2020, initial panic gradually gave way to the more mundane challenge of getting things done without rubbing elbows. Delivering from afar became the order of the […]

  • Hot Desking Desk Hoteling
    Hot Desking vs. Hoteling vs. Desk Sharing: Differences, Pros, and Cons
    Mar 10, 2022

    When shifting to a hybrid work model, many companies find themselves in a situation where they have more employees than available desks. This situation requires adopting a new form of office space organization, where most desks are shared between people, with very few (if any) being assigned to individual employees. There are 2 ways to […]

  • FlexIndex OfficeRnD Featured Image
    FlexIndex February 2022 Update: The Delayed Post-Holiday Recovery is Here
    Mar 10, 2022

    Today, we’re releasing our fourth monthly FlexIndex update, with data for February 2022. This edition is pretty exciting, as we’re seeing a strong recovery across the board. Plus, one of the KPIs has finally reached (and even surpassed) the 2019 benchmark! Let’s jump in and see how the flex space industry performed over the last […]

  • Desk Sharing Space
    10 Desk Sharing Best Practices for Your Hybrid Office
    Feb 22, 2022

    Organizing desk sharing in your company is a multi-step process. Once you’ve laid the foundation by surveying your employees and taking your work culture into account, it’s time to set specific rules. Depending on your company, you may want to keep things loose and only introduce a simple desk sharing/hot desking policy. However, if you’re […]

  • FlexIndex Featured Image
    New FlexIndex Update: Here’s What Happened with the Flex Space Industry in January 2022
    Feb 17, 2022

    This month, we’re doing something different with the FlexIndex β€” we’re making the index and the data for all 5 of its components more widely available for the global flex space community. We’ll talk more about this change at the end of this post, but first, let’s see how the flex space industry performed in […]

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    OfficeRnD & LiquidSpace Partner to Serve the Rising Global Demand for Flexible Work
    Feb 17, 2022

    We are happy to announce we’re joining forces with LiquidSpace to make the future of work even brighter! With flexible working becoming the norm, people want more workspace options where they can collaborate in a safe environment. Our partnership will help real estate owners and flex space operators easily provide more of these options on […]

  • Organize Desk Sharing Featured Image
    How to Organize Desk Sharing in Your Company (5 Things to Consider)
    Feb 1, 2022

    Hybrid work remains at the top of the conversation about how work is changing, and how priorities are shifting. It is establishing itself as the new standard and redefining how flexible work will look in the future. A hybrid model is almost always accompanied by answering the question of how to organize desk sharing (hot […]

  • FlexIndex Featured Image
    New FlexIndex Update: The Slight December 2021 Decline
    Jan 20, 2022

    We just released an updated version of the FlexIndex and its accompanying report with data for December 2021! You can download it here – ​​ Here’s a quick preview of what you can find in this new edition: Back when we first released the FlexIndex, we said it was very likely for the December decline […]

  • FlexIndex OfficeRnD Featured Image
    Introducing FlexIndex: an Unprecedented Global View of the Flex Space Industry
    Dec 3, 2021

    The flex space industry has been on a huge roller coaster these past two years: 2019 brought all-time highs, especially during its second half; In early 2020, we saw a massive drop in occupancy, bookings, and revenue due to COVID; Since mid-2020, businesses have been going through a painful, but steady recovery process. In short, […]