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How to Process Coworking Payments in Southeast Asia

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The Coworking Trend in Southeast Asia

Coworking is booming in Southeast Asia. As startups and small businesses flourish, demand for flexible workspaces increases.  

A recent report by JLL reveals tech businesses take up 15-20% of total gross office leasing volume in Southeast Asia, compared to just 5-10% three years ago.

In correlation, the same report states that flexible workspaces have grown by circa 40% CAGR in the last three years and now take up 2% of the office stock (up from 0.5 to 1.0% in 2015), with the largest stock of flexible workspace being in Singapore.

Coworking and flexible workspace providers in Southeast Asia are aggressively opening more sites, leasing larger spaces, and expanding their foothold. And they are not going to stop – given the projections in the rising demand, the coworking industry is expected to grow between 10-15% annually.

OfficeRnD partnership with Omise, Coworking Payments Specialists

To help Southeast Asia’s coworking and shared workspace operators meet this demand, OfficeRnD partnered with Omise – a leading payment gateway which specializes in coworking payments. This partnership enables coworking spaces to automate the collection of payments in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

Through its integration with Omise, OfficeRnD now offers more convenient and seamless payment transactions. The goal is to simplify the member journey and remove friction when paying monthly rentals, or purchasing additional services like events or meeting room bookings on an ad-hoc basis. Omise also has the ability to save a member’s card securely for future payments.

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“With Omise being live in Singapore, Thailand and Japan, OfficeRnD’s clients can enjoy local currency settlements and one dashboard to view charges and payouts in real-time. With the combination of OfficeRnD and Omise, coworking operators have the option to automatically charge the outstanding amounts owed each month. This results in fewer payment delays and improved working capital” said Nick Gan, Country Manager, Omise Singapore.

Setting up the OfficeRnD <> Omise Integration

The integration is available to all OfficeRnD users and is located in the usual place in the Admin panel in Settings>Integrations. Ping us at support@officernd.com if you need help with activating it, or at sales@officernd.com if you’d like to know more about how OfficeRnD and Omise help you automate the billing process in your coworking space.

Also, you can learn more about OfficeRnD integrations here.