Meet the New OfficeRnD Analytics

Data is critical to running a profitable business and workspaces don’t make an exception. Occupancy, revenue, and membership information are the KPIs that drive your team to make informed decisions. Ultimately, this helps you improve business performance and customer experience.

As an operator, the KPIs you set help your business determine how effectively you are selling your space, growing memberships, and capturing revenue. Reviewing shared KPI’s as a team should be seamless, and it should be very easy for all relevant parties to access the data they need without thinking about it. But many teams struggle to define their important space KPIs and then track them regularly.

To solve these challenges and help operators review important data, we are excited to announce OfficeRnD Analytics! OfficeRnD Analytics is a powerful new data platform and business intelligence tool that gives your team detailed real-time dashboards and reports!

More time making decisions, less time building reports

As part of the Analytics rollout, we are introducing a couple of reporting features that we believe will enhance the way operators look at their key metrics! We have worked with many operators to figure out what is the most important data and have built five specialized dashboards to display these data sets.

The Analytics Dashboard gives your team all the information needed to run your space with detailed pre-made dashboards tracking revenue (executive and operational), traffic, bookings and utilization, and occupancy.

Visualize data your way with Widgets

officernd analytics dashboard

We understand that many space owners have specific and unique ways of tracking their data that might not fit into one of our pre-built Analytics dashboards. For this reason, we have built the ability to create Custom Dashboards using a selection of over 50+ widgets tracking the most important flex information.

Custom Dashboards will allow operators to tailor their reporting based on their unique space needs and we are thrilled to see the creative dashboard designs our customers will come up with to solve their specific data requirements!

Updated reporting engine

The new OfficeRnD Analytics module is based on an integrated BI system, allowing our team the ability to more easily build new reports and widgets based on available data. Our global study of the flex space industry – the FlexIndex report – was actually created with the help of this updated version of OfficeRnD Analytics.

While we have pre-built dozens of custom reports based on the most common KPIs we see, we understand that there is always room for additional widgets and reports views. We will continue to add the most requested reports over time to evolve and grow the widget library!

Getting Started with OfficeRnD Analytics

We lifted the curtains on this feature during our release event FlexForward. There’s a recording available for you to see the new functionality in action.

If you are an OfficeRnD Start, Grow, or Scale customer you can start elevating your service experience and use Analytics today! If not, sign up for a free 14-day OfficeRnD trial to get started and try out the Analytics!

At OfficeRnD, we understand the true value of data for your business. OfficeRnD Analytics is just the beginning of a journey for us to offer the most robust and advanced data, analytics, and insights platform for the flexible working industry!

Michael Everts
Product Marketing
Mike Everts is a Product Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD with many years of experience in running coworking and flex spaces.