Nothing is the same after the pandemic and surely every aspect of our day-to-day activities shows us that. However, the shift to a more flexible and sustainable way of working is the biggest transformation of all. 

OfficeRnD has thousands of customers all over the world and during those times of uncertainty we were able to adjust and improve both our products according to the change of the way people work. Our main goal is to power the workplace of the future through technology.

We believe that knowledge should be shared so last year we created FlexWorld – the event where the future of work meets the office of tomorrow.

FlexWorld 2022 is coming up in September and we are super thrilled to share some details!

Here is a glimpse of what we’ll discuss in London and live in the online sessions:

  • Reimagining the Physical Workplace: The Flexible Workplace of the Future
  • Office Culture 2.0
  • Diversification of the Office Product Mix: Modern Experiences for Modern Teams
  • Technology and Innovation: Enabling a Flexible Workplace Experience

These are only a few of the topics we’ll touch upon heading towards the cross-section between coworking spaces and hybrid workers.

And because it was tough 2 years for in-person events, we’re inviting you to join us in a physical location at The Loading Bay, London!

The breaks and the cocktail party at the end of the conference will be the perfect chance to catch up or meet for the first time with some of the best known industry leaders. Whether you’re an HR, operator, or C-level executive, you’ll connect with all kinds of like-minded people.

A cool raffle*, which can win you a brand new Kindle Paperwhite or a pair of JBL wireless earbuds, is just another reason to attend in person.



*Raffle for in-person attendees only! The rules:

  • Refer a friend and have the chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite! Both the referrer and the referee must have registered for in-person passes and come onsite together to our reception area.
  • Referees, simply stop by our onsite reception area and let us know the person who referred you. If they’re on our list, you will have the chance to win the coolest pair of JBL wireless earbuds!
Elitsa Koeva
Content Marketing Specialist
Elitsa has a passion for understanding the ways in which people work and perceive the workplace. She is interested in growth mechanics and the scaling of startups, and eager to explore the possibilities of furthering this field. In her free time, she enjoys escaping the hustle of city life and connecting with nature.