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  • maintenance issues coworking platform
    4 mins read
    Manage Maintenance Issues with OfficeRnD Platform
    Jul 22, 2020

    The OfficeRnD coworking management platform helps you manage maintenance issues faster and more efficiently while improving the member experience.

  • OfficeRnD Logo
    3 mins read
    July 16th, 2020 Release
    Jul 21, 2020

    We have been hard at work in July releasing Global Search 🔍, Custom CSS in the new members portal, and the ability to set a Billing Lock Date 🔒.

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    4 mins read
    13 Management Software Solutions for Scaling Flex Spaces
    Jul 7, 2020

    Managing a scaling flex space business could be tough. But there are various management software solutions that can be extremely helpful for flex spaces trying to grow their business. In the post, you’ll find some of the best coworking systems that cover various operational aspects – from accounting to billing to coworking member apps.

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    4 mins read
    June 29th, 2020 Release
    Jun 29, 2020

    Our June release added the “Inbox” 💬 section in the mobile app, the ability to edit invoiced bookings 🛠️, and mobile responsiveness to the members portal 2.0

  • choose coworking management software
    4 mins read
    How To Choose The Best Coworking Management Software
    Jun 12, 2020

    To choose the right coworking management software, you need to consider several factors. The truth is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The best fit for your workspace depends on your business, your processes, and your objectives. And if you have the right approach, you will be able to make the most out of technology for your business.

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    3 mins read
    May 29th, 2020 Release
    Jun 2, 2020

    The late-May release is here and brings push notifications 🔔 to the mobile app as well as a new credits page in the Member Portal.

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    2 mins read
    May 8th, 2020 Release
    May 11, 2020

    Our May release allows members to easily connect their social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and improves the welcome wizard experience 👋.

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    3 mins read
    March and April, 2020 Releases
    Apr 28, 2020

    In the last two months we have delivered a new Members Portal 2.0, redesigned our Mobile Member Apps 📱, and introduced Video Rooms 📹.