Door Access control is one of the most important aspects of running a safe and secure coworking and flex space. First and foremost, coworking spaces are shared workplaces by definition. Therefore, in theory, many can and will have access to the space. It’s the coworking space operator’s job to ensure secure access to only authorized community members.

One way to enforce the security of the space is via good old keys. Managing physical keys is hard though. Very hard. It’s not very secure either.

Of course, in 2024, there are much better ways to secure your coworking or flex space than keys. Arguably, one of the best ways is to rely on an industry-leading digital security platform, such as Kisi.

Modern Access Control System for Coworking Spaces with Kisi

Kisi is one of the leading and one of the first technology companies offering tailored access control and security solutions for the coworking industry! They have thousands of happy customers due to their ease of use and robust security features built specifically for shared workplaces!

Kisi’s sturdy hardware and user-friendly software work in perfect harmony to enhance the security of your spaces. Remotely manage your locations, streamline operations, and stay compliant while enjoying mobile unlocks.

Some of the benefits of a modern access control system are:

  • Full control and visibility over who accesses your buildings while granting members autonomy over their spaces.
  • In-and-out tracking and intrusion detection to monitor your spaces.
  • 2FA (two-factor authentication) to better protect against thefts and breaches. Kisi can be integrated with your contact sensors, alarms, and cameras.
  • Apply security standards to all your real estate buildings. Manage multiple buildings, floors, and elevators.

Integrated Coworking Management Solution

The best coworking and flex space management systems, such as OfficeRnD Flex are offering advanced integrations with the best access control systems, such as Kisi.

The main benefits of the integration are:

  • Automation – synchronize member’s access to various areas of your space based on memberships, contracts, passes, bookings, or other important information.
  • Enhanced Member Experience – allow members to use either your OfficeRnD Mobile App or the Kisi Mobile App to open every door they have access to.
  • Better Reporting – gain much better insights about your space occupancy based on true check-in information that flows between the two systems.

Some of the more common use cases are:

  • New members will be granted access automatically based on their membership level or other details, such as day passes or bookings.
  • Former members’ access will be revoked automatically.
  • If a member is with a company that’s on contract for a specific office, the integration will give access, for example, to the main doors and the specific office.
  • If a member or external user books a meeting room, the access of this member will be changed to allow for accessing this meeting space.
  • If a member is a drop-in and has a certain number of day passes, they will be able to access the space as long as they have valid day passes.

Coworking Member Experience with Access Control

Furthermore, that works flawlessly with many doors, many floors, and many locations.

The system will automate all processes and save your community managers and other staff a lot of time and headaches!

Here’s what Bernie Mehl, founder and CEO at Kisi has to say about our integration:

OfficeRND has technology in the company name and as such part of their DNA. This fits very well to Kisi’s product forward organization and leads to high satisfaction among our shared customer base.

Use the OfficeRnD Mobile App to Unlock Space Doors

member mobile accessThe best part of the OfficeRnD Flex and Kisi integration is providing Member Mobile Keys to your community! The integration will allow your members to easily open every door they are allowed to using the same Mobile app they use for booking or other collaboration features.

After the door access integration is connected and Member Mobile Access is enabled members will be prompted to authenticate their digital office key when they first log in to the mobile app. Once the user has authenticated their access credentials they can tap the key icon within the OfficeRnD Member app and put their phone near the door reader. The phone will sync with the reader and unlock the office or meeting room door as needed.

Hundreds of coworking space operators worldwide use the OfficeRnD <> Kisi integration! Here’s what Craig Baute, CEO and Founder of Creative Density Coworking and Denswap has to say about it:

Our focus of 2023 was to take as many tasks off the community manager as possible so they can focus on the community. Kisi has been a surprisingly key part of that because as day passes, meeting rooms, and new members started to join. We use to have to manually add members to our door system and remove members. Kisi does that automatically and she just doesn’t think about it anymore, saving around around 2 hours of work each month. It’s more accurate, secure, and takes an annoying tasks off their list.


One less thing to train

We started to really lean on the integrations of OfficeRnD so training new staff members is easier since I live 1,400 miles away. Moving to Kisi has been a big relief to our community manager, members, and the security of our space because it handles day pass codes, meeting room access, everything. It’s allowed us to encourage more day usage because of that, which is driving new revenue all without the staff do more work but be a friendly person.


Suprising win. Kisi Integration is Driving Member Useage and Interaction

A killer feature we didn’t expect from moving to Kisi is app usage. Kisi integration has made everyone’s life easier, but because the digital key is in the coworking app, members have started to use the app. They now see upcoming events, how-to articles, meeting rooms bookings. It’s the sticky feature that made the app useful, which has taken a lot of the load off our staff and increased member engagements. There are lots of surprising wins besides the obvious.

Setup Member Mobile Access

OfficeRnD Mobile Access is available for operators with the Premium Apps Package. Read more about how to get started with your OfficeRnD and Kisi integration here!

If you are an OfficeRnD Start, Grow, or Scale customer and currently are using Kisi for door access contact us at [email protected] to get started. If you’re not using OfficeRnD already, sign up for a free 14-day OfficeRnD Flex trial to get started and try out our platform today!

Miro Miroslavov
CEO and Co-founder of OfficeRnD
Miro Miroslavov is a software engineer turned into a tech entrepreneur. In 2015 he co-founded OfficeRnD - a leading flex space and hybrid work management platform. As a CEO at OfficeRnD, he grew the company from inception to a leading software vendor that serves thousands of customers worldwide. He is a big fan of flexible working and is on a mission to "Making Flexible Working the Way of Working".