We have created this post as a guide to help you better customize the OfficeRnD Member Portal. You will find some helpful tips to get you started and take member experience to a whole new level. We’ve included detailed instructions and added a video tutorial to make this even easier for you.

The OfficeRnD Member Portal was built to help you convey your brand image and show off the unique characteristics and amenities of your coworking space. And we want you to make the most out of it!

Customize the OfficeRnD Member Portal Video Tutorial

Customize Brand Colors

Now that we have activated the new Members Portal the next step is matching the portal colors to your brand!

First, make sure you have uploaded an appropriate logo into Settings / My Account. Logos with a 4:1 ratio work the best and will scale correctly in the members portal. We recommend using a .png image with a transparent background here.

To adjust the portal colors go to Settings / Apps / Theme and you will get a preview of your selected colors. 

customize officernd member portal brand colors

Your Primary Color is the most important color and will be used for buttons, titles, and other member functions within the app. Most spaces use their official brand color here. This color is what will be used in the mobile app as well.

Your Navigation Color will be used as the background color to house the icons within the member portal app. Darker colors work better here as the white icons are more legible.

Your Background Color is the coloring that goes behind all of your content. Most spaces opt for a grey or lighter background here to make the text stand out more.

Play around with the colors until you get some that matches your brand image!


Add a Favicon

add favicon to officernd

The Favicon is the small icon that appears next to website headers in tabs to easily identify your member portal. Most clients use a .png transparent square version of their logo for this asset. 


Upload a Background Image

upload background image to officernd

The background image will be displayed to your members before they first login as well as the hero image that is displayed up top of your members portal. Most spaces include a picture of their building or interior of the space.


Configure your Welcome Widget

welcome widget officernd

Your Welcome Widget Combines your background and some custom text to welcome your members into the portal! You can adjust this text by navigating to going to Settings / Apps / Member Pages and scrolling down to the button that says Welcome Widget. Click Configure and you will be able to write a Title and Subtitle that all your members can see when they login.


Organize your Main Menu

main menu officernd

OfficeRnD gives you full control over the Main Menu of your member portal and the links that you members will see. You can easily disable certain features and sections by unchecking the associated checkbox. 

To customize the sidebar navigate to Settings / Apps / Member Pages and scroll down to review the features available to activate or deactivate in the members portal.

You can also see the order of the main menu if you scroll further down. You can rename and renumber the items here to rearrange them on the Main Menu in the portal. 


Write a Welcome Post

post to officernd portal

Just as you would greet someone walking into your physical workspace – it’s best practice to introduce your members to your digital space! We recommend writing a post with a special message for a guest and including another photo of your space or team. You can write a post from the Admin Portal. Go to Collaboration / Posts and click on Add Post.

Make sure to select the checkbox to Pin to top so that it’s the first thing members see when they log in. You can also upload an image in this section. Once you are happy with your message click “Add”. This can be adjusted at any time if you need to change it later.


Connect a Twitter Account

connect twitter to officernd

You can attach your company’s twitter feed to be displayed inside the member portal for all your members to easily view. To do this navigate to the admin portal and go to Settings / Apps / Member Pages and scroll down to the section that says Twitter Feed. Click on Configure and you will be able to add your Twitter Handle and how many posts you want displayed on the portal at one time.


Brand your Meeting Rooms

meeting rooms officernd member portal

Once you have added your meeting rooms into the system and set up their hourly rates, make sure that you upload pictures for the rooms. In the Admin Portal navigate to Space / Meeting Rooms and click on the cog wheel next to your room. Click on the tab that says Calendar and you will be able to upload images for your meeting room. This helps your members more easily identify the room they are booking!

It also is useful to add the amenities of each conference room into the system. These can be added when creating the meeting room rates and will show up on the calendar when booking.


Customize your How-To Guides

how to guides officernd

Help guides allow your space to easily convey important information to your members that is easily accessible for review. Navigate to Collaboration / How to Guides and click Add Article to add a new guide. You can put Emoji’s next to the title of the Article to better visualize the guides. 

Feel free to add pictures, videos, or link to an external website or document and your members will be able to view these guides on their member portal and mobile app.


Add in Space Benefits

benefits officernd member portal

Feel free to add in unique benefits offered at your space. These special deals or partnerships can be viewed by your members and interacted with through the portal.

To add or edit benefits go to Collaboration / Benefits and click on Add Benefit. You can add photos and information here for your members to view.


Sell Items in your Shop

sell items officernd

OfficeRnD allows you to display plans and products in your member portal for members to purchase.

Navigate to Billing / Plans to view all of the available plans. You can create a new plan or product. Once you have selected the plan you are interested in offering at your store – move to the Portal tab and select Available for Members. This will allow your plans to be available in the store. 


Create Custom External Pages

You can create custom pages for your Members Portal that can give your community more tools and information. A custom page could be a list of mentors that are part of your community, a catering menu, or an external website that is embedded in your portal. 

Navigate to Settings/Apps/Member Pages and at the bottom in the Custom Pages section, click Add Page

Select the Type to be an External Page and link your URL in the space below.


Implement Custom Code

Using the Settings/Apps -> Custom Code section you can change completely the styling of your member portal. For example, you can change:

  • The default fonts, sizes, etc
  • Some layout options, margins, padding, offsets, etc
  • More advanced stylesheet options, backgrounds, fore-colors, etc

Using the custom code you can also insert custom JavaScript code. Few examples are:

  • Add tracking code for Google or other analytics
  • Add chat widget (such as Intercom, or GoSquared, Zopim chat, etc)

Please, get in touch with [email protected] if you need to further customize the portal. We’d love to help you make your member portal as beautiful as possible.


Integrate OfficeRnD coworking software with your Website

integrate website to officernd member portal

You can integrate some of the key public pages of your portal with your website to create a seamless experience for your clients and prospects. The easiest way to do this is to connect your public pages to buttons on your website. Generally these include: 

  1. Login Button – so members can easily login to the portal
  2. Book a Room Button – so public users on your website can book available rooms
  3. Sign Up Button – users on your website can view and sign up for specific plans once linked to OfficeRnD

Let us know how we can help!

This has been a quick overview of some of the ways you can use OfficeRnD to brand your member experience. If you are looking for more help in getting started with OfficeRnD check out our Help Portal. Also, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have specific questions about configuring your portal!

Michael Everts
Product Marketing
Mike Everts is a Product Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD with many years of experience in running coworking and flex spaces.