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Customer Lifecycle Management

Manage relationships from lead to revenue, remove friction in your members’ journey and improve client retention.

Manage Leads and Opportunities

  • See a list of all leads and easily convert them to customers.
  • Create custom opportunity pipelines to track your sales progress.
  • See pipeline revenue added on top of forecasted revenue.

Quick and Easy Access to Member and Company Details

  • Get a quick view of a company’s balance and invoice statuses.
  • Access company related documents and contracts.
  • Manage and add memberships and one-off purchases.
  • Click-through to company location on the floor plan.

Issues Tracking

  • Enable members to submit issue request on the go.
  • Track open and resolved issues.
  • Assign issues to different team members.

Guest Management

  • Allow members to invite guests from the Member Portal.
  • See a list of all guests for the day.
  • Run guest reports.

Keep Track of Coworking Memberships

  • Create and Manage coworking memberships related to a service or any physical resource.
  • Easily filter new movers and companies/members scheduled to leave within a given month.
  • Run reports on memberships including average length stay, churn, and more.

Pick From a Full-range of Contract Types

  • Membership Agreements offer more flexibility and allow you to sign a contract without having to specify an exact resource, allowing you to relocate people and companies if necessary.
  • License Agreements are the typical, more structured private office agreements that specify which office will be occupied.
  • Lease Agreement – the traditional lease or tenancy agreement that is appropriate for long-term leases.
  • Quotes – one-off contracts designed for things like events or sponsorships
  • Add a variety of additional services to any contract type.

Advanced Contract Management

  • Customize the layout of your contract to ensure the consistency of your brand experience.
  • Manage and report on the complete lifecycle of your contracts. See the history of an account and which agreements are new, renewed, pending or terminated.
  • Configure stepped deals and automatically raise the price of an agreement over time.
  • Set rules and approval workflows that apply to all contracts or kick-in under specific conditions such as the amount of a discount, additional clauses added, and more.
  • Get prompt notifications when a contract’s notice period is approaching so you can improve the rate of your renewals.

Improve Visibility of Members and Companies

  • Allow coworking members to include key information about themselves such as Domain Expertise, Social Profiles, Contact Details.
  • Expose coworking members and companies (if they choose to be exposed). Allow for a quick search based on any type of profile info or specific skills (such as marketing, accounting, etc..)
  • Privacy options are available and allow members to hide bits of their profile or completely remove their visibility.

Nurture Relationships With Online Collaboration

  • Use dashboards that expose timeline posts, show what’s new and upcoming today and highlight upcoming events (RSVP included).
  • Enable real-time collaboration with in-app messages or use OfficeRnD’s integration with Slack to allow members to start a chat with 1 click.

Promote Community Events and Benefits

  • Create events with ease and allow members to RSVP to measure interest. Use OfficeRnD’s integration with Zapier to automatically push events you’ve created to multiple platforms such as Facebook and Eventbrite.
  • Showcase benefits and perks of you’ve secured for your community.

Connect Partners, Vendors, and Restaurants to Your Marketplace

The OfficeRnD Marketplace allows you to add custom Stores into a digital marketplace. Occupiers can easily view these stores through the member portal to purchase goods and services.

  • Create branded storefronts for your occupiers to browse
  • Categorize goods and group similar products
  • Create additional revenue streams by connecting occupiers in a digital marketplace
  • Create minimum ordering limits for vendors to provide adequate prep time for the order NEW
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Manage Orders through the Mobile App and Member Portal

Members can use the Marketplace to find and purchase their favorite food, drinks or services through the member portal or mobile app. Support complex catering orders in both the Member and Admin portals.

  • iOS and Android mobile app ordering
  • Easily add food orders onto an existing meeting room booking
  • Detailed checkout page and Summary after each order
  • Generate itemized order summaries for partners
  • Buy food items to personal instead of company account
  • Order modifiers, so your members can make selections on toppings

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David Adato

COO/CTO | Downtown Works

OfficeRnD is the 3rd coworking based software we have used in our space since opening. It has automated some tasks that we were never able to do before as the other systems we had were so limited on what they could do. I can say without a doubt that OfficeRnD has changed our operations tenfold.
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