Coworking Management Software

Lead and Member Management



Manage Leads and Opportunities
  • See a list of all leads and easily convert them to customers.
  • Create custom opportunity pipelines to track your sales progress.
  • See pipeline revenue added on top of forecasted revenue.
Quick and Easy Access to Member and Company Details
  • Get a quick view of a company’s balance and invoice statuses.
  • Access company related documents and contracts.
  • Manage and add memberships and one-off purchases.
  • Click-through to company location on the floor plan.
Issues Tracking
  • Enable members to submit issue request on the go.
  • Track open and resolved issues.
  • Assign issues to different team members.
Guest Management
  • Allow members to invite guests from the Member Portal.
  • See a list of all guests for the day.
  • Run guest reports.

Don't take if from us

  • "OfficeRnD is the 3rd coworking based software we have used in our space since opening about 2.5 years ago. We were spending more time fixing issues and trying to create shortcuts than focusing on productivity and growing our business. We were bogged down by non-functional software. I can say without a doubt that OfficeRnD has changed our operations tenfold. It has automated some tasks that we were never able to do before as the other systems we had were so limited on what they could do. What I like most is the transparency of what the OfficeRnD team is working on. Having a public roadmap and seeing the progress of features being changed, added and updated makes me as a space operator feel comfortable and at ease that they are constantly trying to evolve and just be better. They are also very open and receptive to feedback, and I know when reporting something or sending an e-mail it does not fall on deaf ears. OfficeRnD has truly changed the dynamic of our staff and business while automating tasks that were not possible before. I would recommend OfficeRnD to any colleague and space operator."

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    David Adato
    COO/CTO | Downtown Works


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