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Work hybrid, the smart way. Provide the right tools and visibility to help teams plan and perform
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Plan your week ahead

Use the Schedule page to organize your work week by selecting the location you`ll be working from onsite or remotely.

  • Select any other office or workplace location with the help of Google Places
  • Quickly book an available desk, find your spot or cancel your booking
  • Align your office days with the workplace policies you have in places
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See what is happening in the workplace

When teams gather for the moments that matter and work together in person, they boost their performance and productivity and increase their overall fulfillment.
That`s why we build features that improve organizational transparency and efficiency, which allow you to see the following:

  • How many of your colleagues are going to the office
  • Which desk will they be spending the day on
  • How many onsite meetings have you planned in your calendar with all related details
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Discover which days to come to the office

Easily understand which days are great to be spent onsite and quickly book your spot and other resources you might need.
See each week on the Schedule tab, which are the Suggested Days ( 1 or more ) for you based on the following components:

  • Shared Days – Based on Invites from other teammates
  • Required Days – Based on the Workplace policies that apply to you
  • Highlight Days – Best days to be in the office! ✨ Based on your favorites presence and planned onsite meetings you are invited to
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Enhance productivity for all your team members

We firmly believe that face-to-face interactions increase creativity and improve productivity in the long term.

OfficeRnD Hybrid Scheduler will help your employees book the best days in the office or find the best meeting room for an in-person gathering.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a hybrid work schedule?
    A hybrid work schedule defines when employees work on-premises and remotely. The main goal is to promote flexibility in an organized way that benefits both employees and companies.
  • What is a hybrid work scheduler?
    A hybrid work scheduler is software that gives insights about the most suitable days to come to the office based on desk availability and personal meeting schedules. In that way, employees have a clear view of when it’s the most appropriate time to come to the office to maximize engagement and collaboration.
  • What is Hybrid meeting?
    A hybrid meeting is whenever some of the people are in the office and others are joining online. Painful or not, hybrid meetings are here to stay and we should not just brace them. We have to equip our employees with the best scheduling tools to make them feel awesome and spend enough time collaborating with their teammates! A conference room scheduling software is essential for any organization that wants to simplify the hybrid meeting scheduling and transition to a flexible and hybrid way of working. Read more about it here.
  • What are some hybrid work schedule examples?
    Here are four examples of a hybrid work schedule, that's enforced with hybrid work policies.
    1. Flexible hybrid work schedule – employees decide when to come to the office based entirely on their will
    2. Split-week hybrid schedule – the company dictates how many days and when employees come to the office based on team needs and tasks.
    3. Manager-based schedule – in that arrangement, it’s the team manager who decides when his subordinates come to the office.
    4. Mixed hybrid work schedule – a mixed schedule combines all of the above. It’s also known as an ad-hoc schedule and is entirely based on internal arrangements and agreements.
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