There are various apps for coworking spaces that can help you run your business better and safer during COVID-19. Technology has always been fundamental for increasing efficiency, but it also helps you provide a safer workspace environment. From touchless and low-touch devices to visitor apps, to door access, to coworking management software…

Workspaces around the world are already adopting the touchless experience in their buildings. There are plenty of solutions on the market to choose from. The best fit depends on the essence of your workspace business, and of course – your budget. Below you will find some nice ideas about the technology your space can benefit from.

1. Touchless door and elevator access systems

touchless door accessThe fewer surfaces you touch, the better. There are plenty of technology solutions that can help you fight the spread of germs in highly used areas like entries and elevators, like Kisi for example. It’s easy to use cloud-based software to manage access to your coworking space. Besides the standard door access system with cards and tags, Kisi offers touchless door and elevator access.

With such a solution, you can avoid touching frequently used door handles and buttons. For door access, there are a couple of options the company offers like the touchless unlock straight from your smartphone, automatic door opening, and “Wave to Exit” sensors. For elevators access, the touchless elevator floor unlocks and touchless dispatch panel can do a lot for the safety in your workspace. You can learn more on Kisi’s website or reach out to them directly.

2. Touchless hand sanitizers

Cleanliness is key for reopening your coworking space and keep functioning as a business. Installing hand sanitizers at key places such as reception, common areas, office entries, and meeting rooms is an absolute must. To help increase safety, get touchless ones.

Some of them you can place on desks and tables, some of them you can install directly on walls, or in bathrooms. You can find different designs with individual features. There are plenty of options on the market, so choose the one that fits your budget, needs and interior. Here’s a good article about the most reliable hand sanitizer dispensers available on the market. Also, you might find this post about automatic soap dispensers useful, too.

3. Visitor and check-in apps

Visitor management apps can simplify and make the check-in process safer, both for your team and your members. Such tools allow members and guests to have less face-to-face interactions with your team. Visitor apps can also allow you to set up short surveys on entry, asking about your members’ wellbeing, recent travels, or anything that makes sense to keep your workspace safe. One of the cool solutions on the market is the Receptionist for iPad that allows you to streamline, customize, and automate the check-in process in your coworking space.

4. Coworking member apps

Coworking member apps can significantly improve the experience in your coworking space. Also, they are a great tool for removing friction from various day-to-day activities such as bookings, paying invoices, and community engagement. Such apps digitalize plenty of the interactions that members have with your space. For example, instead of chasing after your team to check how many credits they’ve left with, they can simply check that in the app. Moreover, they are a useful tool for communication between you and your community.

mobile apps for coworking spaces

5. Community engagement apps

Community engagement has become even bigger challenges since COVID-19. Most of the physical activities like community breakfasts, events, and random talks with other members in the hallways are not yet possible. Moving all these online and keeping people engaged is not an easy task. Hosting online events via Zoom, or creating Slack channels on different topics such as gardening, books, music, or whatever makes sense to your community, could be helpful. Also, tools like Video Rooms can be a cool and useful channel for your members to engage with your community.

6. Coworking management software

Coworking management software might be extremely useful in understanding your business dynamics. Keeping track of occupancy, utilization, and revenue metrics, is essential for recovering from the effects of COVID-19. Also, it can indicate early on future trends, whether they are positive or not. This will help you make data-driven decisions and take advantage of upcoming opportunities. Or predict arising problems and take actions on time.

7. Motion sensor lights

Not only should you care about health and safety at your coworking space, but you should carefully rethink your spendings post-COVID-19. Minimizing costs for electricity might be essential for keeping your financial resources stable. There are often cases when somebody leaves the lighting on when they leave their office or a meeting room. Installing motion sensor lights might significantly help minimize the waste of electricity in such cases. Such lights use tiny electronic sensors to detect moving objects. Once there’s no movement detected for a preset period of time, the lights will automatically turn off.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’ve found an app or a tool that has been useful to you for reopening and dealing with COVID-19 consequences. We’d love to include it in the post, so more operators can benefit from it. Just drop us a line at [email protected].

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