We often hear about key industry players and their successes, but rarely do we learn about the journeys and challenges they faced along the way. On Tuesday, June 25th, we will unveil the secrets behind some of today’s most successful coworking spaces, offering a glimpse into their stories and the obstacles they overcame to achieve greatness.

Join us for a can’t-miss live webinar at 11 AM ET as we talk with renowned coworking operators about their journey to the top.

Meet the Speakers

We are thrilled to welcome some esteemed industry leaders who have graciously agreed to join us and share their unique experiences, valuable tips, and insightful perspectives.

webinar speakers

What to Expect

Our panel will delve into a range of insights, strategies, solutions, and personal stories.

First, they will explore the key strategies they employed to scale their coworking spaces, sharing specific challenges faced during this process and the ways they overcame them.

Next, the panel will discuss the operational and infrastructural changes needed to support a growing number of members and locations, highlighting best practices for managing these changes efficiently, including any technologies that were incorporated.

Lastly, Sarah and Chris will reflect on how their approach to leadership and team development evolved with the scaling of their coworking spaces, offering key lessons learned about building and managing a team capable of supporting rapid growth.

What You’ll Learn

At the end of this webinar, you are guaranteed to walk away with:

  • Proven strategies for scaling coworking spaces
  • Solutions to common challenges faced during expansion
  • Best practices for efficient change management
  • The role of technology and leadership in driving growth and success
  • Adapting to meet evolving member demands

Whether you’re a coworking space owner, a startup enthusiast, or simply interested in the evolving dynamics of flexible workspaces, this webinar will offer valuable insights and practical advice.

What’s Next?

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the leaders in coworking and see how they overcame challenges to achieve operational and financial success.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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