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Booking a desk for the day you’re going to the office should be really easy. Well, it should be. Shockingly, although we live in the era of hybrid and flexible work booking a desk is still so hard and unpleasant experience. So many companies are using an old-school IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) where the employee workplace experience is just bad. It’s no surprise that most of these systems have close to 0 (zero) adoption by the employees.

Office Map ClusteredBooking your office visit should be seamless. It should be nice, simple, and straightforward. You need to remove all barriers to the process of booking a desk if you’re to maximize the physical presence of your teams and drive collaboration.

People are so used to booking stays via or Airbnb that the experience is purely awesome. That’s not the case with most desk booking systems out there. Expectations are high and that’s why we’re doing our best to make the desk booking experience also great!

Please, welcome the first hybrid work solution optimized for large, complex floorplans via floorplan desk clustering!

The solution may seem obvious: show fewer desk markers on the map by grouping them accordingly in areas. But wouldn’t you lose data that way? Nope, it turns out we can actually expose more of your data and give your office maps even more meaning.

Our map clustering algorithm looks for desks that are near each other and replaces them with another icon to represent multiple markers. That icon will be labeled by default with the number of desks it contains. If you double-tap on the area, it will zoom in and expand the desks in more detail.

It’s a simple and very effective way to navigate large, complex office maps and find your perfect spot!

Here’s a short video of how the office map clustering works in our Hybrid work mobile app.

Happy desk booking! Cheers to more in-person collaboration!

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