Coming up with an original meeting room name idea is tougher than you may think.

And while selecting the right name for your meeting room may seem like a minor task, it can have a massive impact on how your employees engage with the space.

Choosing the right meeting room name requires careful consideration of your company culture, values, and the space’s ultimate purpose.

This article will provide an extensive list of meeting room name ideas for virtual and on-site conference rooms along with practical tips to help you choose the perfect names for your team’s shared spaces.

Quick Summary

  • Choosing a good name for a shared space starts with knowing your employees, your company culture, and the intended function of the space.
  • Selecting a unique name increases the chances that your employees will use the space regularly.
  • The best room names are memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflect the personality of your organization.

120 Original and Effective Meeting Room Name Ideas

Naming virtual and on-site meeting rooms can help to distinguish the function and purpose of each space and boost employee engagement. The best meeting room names are memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflect the personality of your organization.

Let’s explore some unique name ideas.

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a meeting room with participants

“Idea Hub” and Brainstorming Meeting Room Names

Idea hub meeting rooms are all about creating original and innovative ideas — so your meeting room name should reflect this. As your meeting names, by the way.

Try using playful or inspiring language that reflects the creative purpose of the space and encourages employees to push boundaries and think outside of the box.

Feel free to use these meeting room name ideas. You can even use them as inspiration to come up with one of your own.

employees in a meeting room

  1. The Brain Trust
  2. The Inspiration Island
  3. The Dream Room
  4. The Brainery
  5. The Idea Lab
  6. The Genius Lounge
  7. The Insight Studio
  8. The Visionary Vault
  9. The Creativity Corner
  10. The Imagination Room
  11. The Thinker’s Corner
  12. The Crew Expansion Room
  13. The Idea Sanctuary
  14. The Idea Incubator
  15. The Brainstorm Barn
  16. The Brainstorm Bunker
  17. The Creative Chamber
  18. The Inspiration Station
  19. The Portal Space
  20. The Idea Launchpad
  21. The Creative’s Cavern
  22. The Place to Ponder
  23. The Collaboratorium
  24. The Cove Of Cohesion
  25. The Brainstorm Bistro
  26. The Partnership Palace
  27. The Eureka Chamber
  28. The Miscape Nexus
  29. The Harmony Hall
  30. The Talk And Chat Room
  31. The Unity Room
  32. The Team Talk Tent
  33. The Synchronization Station
  34. The Co-creation Castle
  35. The Group Genius Grotto
  36. The Collective Conclave
  37. The Unity Universe
  38. The Team Talk Tower
  39. The Unity Utopia
  40. The Synergy Studio
  41. The Collaborative Commons
  42. The Genius Guild

Break Room Names

Break rooms are designed to give your employees a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the office.

Therefore, it’s wise to select an original break room name that combines the ideas of comfort and relaxation with popular culture references or inside jokes.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

employees in a meeting room

  1. The Cozy Corner
  2. The Chill Lounge
  3. The Zen Den
  4. The Getaway Room
  5. The Recharge Spot
  6. The Tranquility Transportation Center
  7. The Comfort Zone
  8. The Peaceful Palace
  9. The Relaxation Station
  10. The Escape Pod
  11. The Oasis
  12. The Lounge Lagoon
  13. The Hangout Hideaway
  14. The Chillax Chamber
  15. The Cozy Nook
  16. The Escape Room
  17. The Quiet Quarters
  18. A Home Away From Home
  19. The Tranquil Terrace
  20. The Chill In This Room
  21. The Comfort Club

Boardroom and Leadership Room Names

A boardroom is a space where executives and leaders hold important meetings regarding the company’s direction and strategy. Given the often high-pressure nature of these meetings, boardrooms themselves are often associated with stress and tension.

To help alleviate some of this stress and pressure, try choosing a name that brings a touch of humor and lightness to the space.

Here are a few options:

conference meeting

  1. The Achievement Atrium
  2. The Results Retreat
  3. The Innovation Island
  4. The Progress Pavilion
  5. The Performance Palace
  6. The Growth Gallery
  7. The Success Studio
  8. The All-A-Board Room
  9. The Planning Place
  10. The War Room
  11. The Think Tank
  12. The Executive Suite
  13. The Decision Den
  14. The Summit Chamber
  15. The Power Talk Spot
  16. The Strategy Sphere
  17. The Decision Domain
  18. The Visionary Vortex
  19. The Fusion Forum
  20. The Navigator’s Nook
  21. The Pioneer’s Palance
  22. The Director’s Den
  23. The Coach’s Corner
  24. The Mastermind Mansion
  25. The Guru Gathering Spot
  26. The Advisor’s Atrium
  27. The Strategist’s Studio
  28. The Power Podium
  29. The Wisdom Workshop
  30. The Counselor’s Chamber
  31. The Insight Inn
  32. The Tone At the Top
  33. The Captain’s Ship
  34. The Trailblazing Tower
  35. The Leadership Lighthouse
  36. The Navigator’s Nexus

4 workers

Virtual Meeting Room Names

Virtual meeting rooms are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the hybrid work model, as they allow employees to communicate and collaborate from any location.

To make sure you are using the best practices for an effective hybrid work meeting, avoid generalizing the function of your virtual meeting room.

Instead, try to come up with different room name ideas for virtual spaces that host different types of meetings.

virtual meeting

Here are some options:

  1. The Digital Dialogue Den
  2. The Web Workshop
  3. The Remote Roundtable
  4. The Cyber Conference Club
  5. The Worldwide Web Workshop
  6. The Online Opportunity Observatory
  7. The “Doctor Who” Discussion Den
  8. The Click n’ Sip Space
  9. The Remote Results Room
  10. The Virtual Visionary View Room
  11. The Virtual Visionary Venue
  12. The Virtual Voyage
  13. The Online Oasis Of Opportunity
  14. The Digital Discussion Deck
  15. The Cyber Connection Cove
  16. The Digital Dialogue Dome
  17. The Cyber Connection Circle
  18. The Cyber Chit Chat Spot
  19. The Virtual Venture Vault
  20. The Digital Idea Scrapbook Room
  21. The World Wide Wooden Table

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Why Company Culture Is the Key to Meeting Room Names

Company culture should play a vital role in naming conventions. The best meeting room names resonate with employees and reinforces company values. Ultimately, it results in higher engagement and more effective use of the room overall.

A well-named meeting room can help create a sense of belonging, foster collaboration, and enhance productivity.

big conference room

Company culture is the heart of your company and should shine through in every aspect of your business, including meeting room names.

As recent research explains, the way that employees interact with each other and the workplace impacts the fundamentals of workplace efficiency, such as teamwork and collaboration, daily.

Creative meeting room names that relate to specific elements of your company culture can help create a sense of belonging and reinforce the idea that your employees are working in a supportive environment with like-minded individuals.

Here are several companies that use creative meeting room names to reflect their unique company cultures:

  • Spotify: After redesigning their new offices, Spotify began emphasizing making their office space a “celebration of audio” to help boost their company culture. They did this by incorporating their brand identity into different aspects of the space, such as using creative conference space names, like “Techno Bunker,” and even placing a QR code below the room name that employees can scan to access a playlist related to the vibe of the room.
  • Facebook: This company makes the process of naming conference rooms a fun, team-building activity by allowing employees to vote. Rooms are divided into different categories based on mini-themes, such as “bad ideas,” which has a room called “Running with Scissors.” This encourages collaboration and creativity among the employees and reinforces Facebook’s innovative and playful company culture.

Choosing a meeting room name that reflects your company culture lets you create a more engaging and productive workplace environment.

A well-chosen meeting room name elevates the room from simply being a location for collaboration to a space that represents the mission and values of your company.

Creative meeting room names can also help break down mental and social barriers and encourage employees to think outside the box, leading to more innovative and successful ideas.

Think about how you can use a creative meeting room name to make your employees feel like they’re part of an exclusive community with its own inside jokes and culture.

Benefits of Choosing a Creative Meeting Room Name

Choosing an out-of-the-box meeting room name that reflects your company culture and the functions of the space can have a surprisingly large impact on your office by fostering a sense of community, promoting creativity and innovation, and reinforcing company values.

A well-named space can also help to create a memorable and engaging workplace environment that employees feel proud to be a part of.

meeting room names benefits

The benefits of using creative meeting room ideas include the following:

Enhances Team Building

Inventive meeting room names can create a sense of camaraderie among your team. Entering a meeting room can be a daunting task for employees, especially if they have to talk in front of their peers.

Using humor or an inside joke as inspiration for a conference meeting room name can act as a conversation starter and an opportunity for employees to bond over common experiences, enhancing team dynamics and collaboration.

Creates Memorable Experiences

Imagine your employees stepping into a meeting room named after a famous innovator or fictional location. Creative names add an element of surprise and delight to the overall experience of employees and can help boost mood and well-being.

People remember unique and well-designed spaces, and associating these rooms with distinctive names makes meetings more memorable.

Streamlines Room Scheduling and Booking Processes

Creative names provide clarity and let your employees know exactly what room you’re talking about.

For example, if you give a conference room a generic name, like “Meeting Room 1,” an employee might get it confused with “Meeting Room 2” if the two are similar-looking and near each other.

On the other hand, if you call it the “Innovation Oasis,” workers will know exactly where to go without hesitation.

Increases Engagement and Morale

A well-named meeting room can create a sense of excitement and engagement among employees, setting the tone for productive and successful meetings.

It’s important to remember that a well-named meeting room isn’t just a label; it’s an invitation to step into an environment designed for active involvement and group ideation.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming a Room

Some common mistakes to avoid when naming a meeting room include the following:

Names That Are Difficult to Pronounce or Spell

Needless to say, if employees can’t easily pronounce or spell the name of a room, they’re less likely to use it.

Making sure you choose something that works for the members of your team who are based out of non-English speaking parts of the world is definitely something to keep in mind.

For example, Elon Musk recently changed the branding of Twitter from “Twitter blue bird” to “X,” like Musk’s company SpaceX.

Before Musk took over the company, Twitter had bird-themed meeting room names. After the change, however, Musk began selecting names such as “S3XY.”

While this name might be a fun spin on the ‘SpaceX’ brand, it’s difficult to spell and may cause complications when trying to book it online, meaning that workers could be wasting time trying to remember it.

While you want to infuse your meeting name with as much personality as possible, make sure that it remains clear, succinct and appropriate.

Names That Don’t Relate to the Room’s Function

Meeting room names should be humorous and light-hearted, but they should also be functional. You don’t want to use a name that has no relevance to the function of the room as it can lead to confusion and frustration among employees.

For example, naming a conference room for serious board meetings ‘sunshine’ may seem like a playful way to poke fun at company leaders, but in reality, it’s too ambiguous and can lead to booking mistakes, especially for new employees.

It’s important to choose a name that’s synonymous with the function of the room so that users can easily understand and book the space accordingly.

employee working in a huge room

Names That Are Too Similar

Using specific meeting room names makes the booking process more intuitive and helps highlight the function of a room without the employees needing to see it in person.

Choosing the right meeting room name may seem simple, but if it isn’t done properly, it can lead to confusion among employees, lack of use, and even a reduction in employee satisfaction.

Start Making the Most Out of Your Shared Spaces

While selecting the right meeting room name for your office can be a struggle, remember that there are plenty of options out there. Consider what you want employees to associate the space with and the environment you want to create in your office.

And don’t forget to include names for your virtual meeting rooms — it’s just as important for online workspaces to have a designated purpose as in-office rooms.

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What Are Good Meeting Room Names?

Good meeting room names are those that are directly linked to a company’s culture, values, and brand identity. They should be catchy and memorable, with some originality that sets them apart from generic and boring names.

Some examples of good meeting room names include the following:

  • The Inspiration Station
  • The Innovation Hub
  • The Creativity Cove
  • The Breakthrough Boardroom
  • The Achievement Arena
  • The Situation Room
  • The Engine Room

What Are Some Funny Meeting Room Name Ideas?

Meeting room names don’t always have to be serious — in fact, incorporating humor can be a great way to create a more enjoyable and fun work culture.

Here are some examples:

  • The Batcave
  • The Panic Room
  • The Cove of Silence
  • The Productivity Pit
  • The Running Out of Steam Room
  • The London Potter Executive Lounge
  • The Ridiculously High Collective IQ Room
  • The Not-So-Secret Ops Room
  • The Bored Board Room
  • The Don’t Look So Board Room
  • The Dream Team Steam Room

Choosing funny meeting room names adds a touch of lightheartedness and humor to your workplace, which can help reduce stress and tension and improve employee morale.

How do I Choose a Meeting Room Name?

Choosing a meeting room name involves considering the company’s culture, the purpose of the room, and the desired ambiance. Start by brainstorming themes that resonate with your organization’s values or history. For instance, tech companies might use names of innovators, while a travel agency might opt for world cities. Ensure the name is easy to remember, and pronounce, and evokes a positive association.

And as a bonus, here’s a good resource on setting up a meeting room for success.

What do you Call a Small Meeting Room?

A small meeting room is often referred to as a “huddle room” or “focus room.” These spaces are designed for brief, informal meetings or for individuals seeking a quiet place to concentrate. Huddle rooms typically accommodate 3-6 people and are equipped with essential conferencing tools, promoting collaboration without the need for a larger conference room.

How do I Name my Zoom Room?

Naming your Zoom room involves considering its purpose, the audience, and the desired impression. Start with the room’s primary function: is it for team meetings, client consultations, or webinars? Next, think about the tone you want to set: professional, creative, or casual. For a professional setting, you might use “Department Name – Conference” or “Weekly Team Sync.” For something more relaxed, consider fun or thematic names like “Brainstorm Bay” or “Chat Central.” Always ensure the name is clear, relevant, and easy for participants to identify.

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