In 2020, we’ll put immense focus on building the ultimate technology for flex spaces! Looking back, it’s almost hard to believe what we’ve accomplished in 2019 – our Series A funding and amazing team helped us grow our customer base dramatically.

And to catch up with that growth, we’ve done 30 new major product releases (1 every two weeks!). Also, we resolved close to 1000 user-stories (new features, improvements and bug fixes).

But what humbles us the most is how much we’ve learned as a business.

Building the ultimate technology for flex spaces

OfficeRnD Roadmap Coworking Member Apps

We’re already well underway in delivering on our vision for 2020. But we wanted to take the time and recap our plans so that you, our customers and partners, will have a better view of where we’ll be heading.

Our Roadmap for 2020 will follow a few overarching themes:

  1. Revamping and extending our suite of Member Apps
  2. Supporting multi-country operators with more workflows and options
  3. Making your business fully data-driven via actionable reporting engine
  4. Making OfficeRnD a fully integrated, extensible flexible workspace solution

Revamping and extending our suite of Member Apps

OfficeRnD Coworking Mobile Meeting Room App

We’ve never been more convinced that Hospitality (i.e. outstanding customer service) and Community are one of the key pillars of a successful flexible workspace business

It is our belief that technology is the key to scaling and remaining competitive in the rapidly growing flexible workspace industry.

In 2020, we’ll put an immense focus on our Member Apps to make sure they’ll serve as a valuable extension to your member-facing teams.

RnD Connect and White-labeled Mobile Apps

  • A complete overhaul of the existing design and usability, with a focus on a polished booking experience and community engagement
  • Push notifications that will help you better engage with your members and offer friendly reminders for events, bookings, new invoices, etc..
  • Tickets/Maintenance issues feature for streamlining maintenance management
  • Messages for improved community engagement
  • Improved account self-service for greater member convenience

RnD Connect and White-labeled Web Apps

  • Better design and usability that will improve your members’ experience and perception of your brand
  • Enhanced and redesigned public apps that can automate and increase revenue from coworking memberships and external bookings
  • Improved multi-location and multi-currency support

RnD Meeting Rooms Tablet App

  • Design and usability improvements
  • Providing members with the ability to book a room directly through the tablet

The new additions to our suite of Member Apps

  • Visitors app – natively integrated with OfficeRnD with focus on automating your guest’ management process
  • Mail Management – an extension of our Visitor App that will help you manage mail and deliveries
  • Digital Signage – a promotional tool that will allow you to push hand-picked content from OfficeRnD on every screen in your space

*Mar 2020 Update: Our new Member Apps were released

booking technology for flex spaces

Supporting multi-country operators

The world is not going back to long term leases. And we’re seeing more and more operators expanding globally to satisfy the demand. But the added operational complexity is tremendous.

We’re going to invest a considerable amount of our energy in supporting the business of truly global operators – the pioneers of our industry.

  • Global member accounts that are easy to manage administratively
  • Flexibility and control of currency options – setting rules on how and in what currency members should be charged
  • Reporting break-downs on a group, country, region, area, and single location level
  • Shared member apps and portals across countries that dramatically improve member convenience and community engagement

Making your business fully data-driven via an actionable reporting engine

technology for flex spacesSuccessfully managing and operating a flexible workspace – in a profitable way – is still very hard, regardless of the massive spike of demand in our industry.

We see a lot of flex operators that have switched to the high-growth mode and are providing an excellent service. But they are still struggling with having a clear idea of how each aspect of their business is performing.

Our goal is to help you sustain that growth by providing you with a unified view across their flexible workspace portfolio and enable fast evidence-driven decisions.


  • Introducing a report builder that will allow you to use any of the valuable data in OfficeRnD and turn it into any type of insight
  • Introducing customizable dashboards that can be tailored to the needs of each team in a flexible workspace business
  • Adding new key reports and improving our existing out-of-the-box Finance and Operations reports
  • Integrating with key BI tools on the market such as PowerBI and Tableau

Making OfficeRnD a fully integrated, extensible flex space technology solution

With our rapid growth and development, our product has proved that it can solve the business needs of the biggest flex operators that cater to tens of thousands of members.

But to support these businesses at scale, we’ll need to do more than just be swift in adding features to our product. 

Our goal will be to provide our customers with the ability to integrate new applications and data sources easily into OfficeRnD, making it an easy fit into their existing technology stack and infrastructure.

  • Improving our existing stack of native integrations – WiFi and Connectivity, Access Control, Accounting, Payments, etc..
  • Integrating with key providers and systems in the space to offer real-time data and utilization of assets
  • Making all platform functions, including administrative functions, available via API.


Hope you’re just as excited about 2020 like we are. Stay tuned for all the amazing improvements and new features that are about to come.



Momchil Andreev
Product Director
Momchil is the Product Director at OfficeRnD. A technology enthusiast by heart, he spent the last decade in technology companies helping them build and push to market products that help other businesses succeed commercially. His confidence that technology is a driver for good mixed with his appreciation of good customer experience led him to join the OfficeRnD team, where he’s now driven by the goal of helping our industry change how people “consume” workspaces in a way that improves the quality of their well being and chance of professional success.