At OfficeRnD, we pride ourselves in deeply caring about data security and customer privacy.   

After completing a thorough audit per the “Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy (TSC)” established by the “American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)”, OfficeRnD is excited to announce that our organization has obtained a SOC 2 TYPE 2 report.

The “AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee” (ASEC) has developed a set of trust services criteria. 

They are used when evaluating the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls related to the security, availability, and processing integrity of all information and systems. It also ensures the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by the systems at an entity.

The SOC 2 attestation was conducted by leading compliance assessor A-LIGN, a technology-enabled security and compliance partner trusted by more than 2,500 global organizations to help mitigate cybersecurity risks. 

As a trusted third-party assessment firm, A-LIGN independently evaluated our processes and procedures and validated OfficeRnD’s internal controls and security posture governance. 

As a leading Flexible and Hybrid workplace management service provider that is already ISO 27001 certified, obtaining a clean SOC 2 Type 2 report was a logical next step. This independent assessment of our internal security controls highlights our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security for our diverse and global customer base,” – Deyan Varchev, Chief Technology Officer at OfficeRnD.

OfficeRnD’s clean SOC 2 Type 2 report validates our continuous commitment to data security and protection. 

Furthermore, it reports on the suitable design and operating effectiveness of our internal control framework, which consists of over 300 controls. 

From now on, OfficeRnD will perform a SOC 2 assessment annually. The report will be available to current or potential customers upon signing a non-disclosure agreement. 

Please request access here if you are interested in viewing OfficeRnD’s SOC 2 report.

Asen Stoyanchev
Senior Content Marketing & SEO Specialist | OfficeRnD
Asen is passionate about flexible working and the future of work. He firmly believes that work flexibility directly impacts one's health and well-being. When he's not writing, Asen spends his time devouring business literature, hiking, and parenting.